1. cobbler

    Kit clear out / leaving sport sale

    Hello All, It's been a long while since I've played and I've kinda fallen out of love with the sport, that and other interests are currently filling my time up! So I thought instead of letting all my gear gather dust I might as well get rid of it all. I've attached a snapshot of some of my...
  2. ~Solo~

    Skin LOK-SOK. 1.1litre / 68ci Bottle / Tank Protection

    As originally shipped with the Angel Air bottle here are a pair of Lok-Sok 'rubber' bottle ends with a high-grip dimpled pattern. Will happily fit a standard 1.1l / 68ci bottle. A couple of pics below plus one that I had to pinch from the interweb (sorry mods) as I forgot to take a picture of...
  3. Jos

    HP Bottle/Tank 68/4500 pi incl Reg

    Hi guys, looking for a nice HP bottle including the regulator. Im in The Netherlands so please only offer if you can ship to the NL. Can pay with Paypal. Not looking for fancy fuel or safer bottles, I'll just work out a bit more and not notice the difference in weight :)