1. J

    New Player Needing Advice!!!

    I new player and was looking for some advice on buying my first gun! Should I get a new Dye Rize CZR or a second hand gun for similar prices to the Rize? I’ve seen DM13/14s or a MacDev 5 for similar prices?
  2. F

    How to Buy

    Hi guys, I am new to the Forum and i am struggling to figure out how to buy equipment. How do I gain access to post PM's and comments on a sale tab of the Forum ? Also I have tried to change my Avatar but I wasn't able to do so, is there a specific format I need to use ? Thank you for the...
  3. Lewis Keen

    Looking For Gtek or Etha 2

    Im looking for a Planrt eclipse Gtek or Planet Eclipse Etha 2