1. TheDuke313

    Wanted Dye i4 straps

    Hello been out of the game a wee bit and looking to get myself some more i4 straps, I understand that progression means we are now at i5 but I love my trusty I4’s so best to look for that first.
  2. Adamantium

    Etha, and other bits

    Selling my Sons Paintball gear as he has given it up. Planet Eclipse Etha – Boxed, instructions, Mint condition and just serviced by Planet Eclipse, (returned yesterday and have invoice) shoots solid and doesn’t miss a beat. Very good condition. £150.00 Virtue Ascend Goggles in Blue – New in...
  3. User001

    DYE DM11 with Billy Wing Bolt ( Immaculate )

    DYE DM11 with Billy Wing bolt. NO damage or wear to barrel, gun or bolt ( Immaculate ) No leaks, shoots lovely. As new with spares kit and tools along with manual. £175 posted ( Parcel Force 24 ) / You pay fee's if paying by Paypal.
  4. Jordan Willetts

    WANTED: LUXE 2.0 / M2 / CS1

    After any of the following: LUXE 2.0 / M2 / CS1. Willing to have a look any anything similar.
  5. crillz

    PE + Dye + Tadao + HK Army Bits & Pieces

    *** Prices include > RM First Class Postage *** PE IV Core - boxed + extra soft tip. Only used in 3-4 events. All parts were new - dad to gather different parts from all over the world. £125 PE Geo 2 - Vicious Body - in great condition. £100 Tadao Yakuza Mikko Board - DM9/DM10 - Used but...
  6. head_-_shot

    Very rare professional jerseys (Nexus Training Top)

    Very rare professional player jerseys. These hard-to-find jerseys are head-turners on the field! Suggested price: £60 each but feel free to offer what you want to pay, I am quite happy to listen to your offer! You won't pay postage, prices include Postage! (y) 1. Brandon Short's Ironmen...
  7. W

    Leaving sport - Bargain..

    Hi All, Just a bit of context as to why I am selling this, I played paintball and unfortunately I found Airsoft, therefore, I am selling my gear to fund that addiction instead. Please see all the items and descriptions below: Proto Rail, I bought this used and I have used it twice and...
  8. Tom - NVA Cpt

    Gear Sale - MacDev Clone Vx + miscellaneous

    Hi guys and gals, I have a few well loved items for sale to help with saving some cash. Prices do not include shipping, however I am willing to post everything except the bag. Otherwise collection from SW London. (y) MacDev Clone Vx - custom colour way [swapped with team mate]. This is in...
  9. yimkin101

    DYE DM 13 (Price drop to £150)

    Black and red dye dm13 for sale, shoots like a dream and has never let me down. Bought secondhand from Danny Park of the Los Angeles Iron Men, Selling because I no longer play enough sadly. Gun has usual cosmetic wear as shown in the pictures. Gun comes with a HK Army microfibre cloth and gun...
  10. whuzak


    Dear all, please see my Dye M2 Dyecam up for sale. Comes fully loaded etc. Includes the following and insured shipping for £800. - Dye M2 Dyecam MOSAIR with barrel backs box etc and all original bits and cables. - Dye M2 O-Ring Kit - Dye 100ml Lube pot - Dye MOSAIR charging tech mat All...
  11. ~Solo~

    Wanted: Dye Solenoid Assembly - DM6-DM14 & PM6/PM7/PM8 (R10200163)

    As per the title, I need a Solenoid for a DM6. Should look like the image below. Unfortunately the last one that I got from preloved via a wanted ad on here gave up the ghost very quickly. Thanks.
  12. darkfirepheonix

    AutoCocker Resurrection, Dye NT11 PGA Inked ornate, Invert MINI

    **For Sale** Tonight I have a few items for sale due to a little 1 due just after xmas and the wife saying I need to thin the collection. This is a delightful AutoCocker Resurrection in Gloss Red/Black (I think its more pink than red) Shall we say SOLD SOLD SOLD Only one I personally have seen...
  13. platoongod


    Dye R-2 Loader, only used 3 or 4 times, selling due to not being able to play for a year next year due to work commitments, excellent condition. Comes with Speed Feed, regular lid, and original box and manual. £120
  14. I

    Dye DAM for sale, £500, shipping covered.

    Afternoon all, Purchased my DYE DAM Silverback last year, never got round to using it, and due to other commitments, deciding to sell. It's never been used, and has been looked after for the year I've had it. It comes with everything it ships with as standard, and I'll cover shipping via Royal...
  15. chanman

    HUGE BARGIN SALE! Guns, Upgrades and softgoods

    Right o, huge lot of stuff i have for sale here and these are the outlines; all items are used unless otherwise stated all prices include fees and postage i am willing to add discount for multiple item purchases there are a few free items that will be given on request to buyers of items (1 free...
  16. ~Solo~

    Dye DM6 - DM9 or PM6 - PM8 Solenoid

    Anyone got one of these going spare? I need one for my DM6; I understand that the solenoid was used in the DM6-9 and the PM6-8 so these would be compatible. Thanks.
  17. Jordan Willetts

    Pods, masks, packs &emote

    Dye 3 pack- well used- £33 Dye 3 pack- decent condition-£37 Empire pack- decent condition-£28 I4's- £50 Sly profits-£30 Freak insets 684 + 687- £10 each or both for £15 9x pods- £22 Dye knee pads brand new- £40 XL All prices inc p&p not
  18. LukeOzade

    Leaving the Sport Sale

    Hi guys, the time has come when I've got to say that I'm leaving the sport, so I'm getting rid of all my gear. If you have any questions please ask: Payment through PayPal (friends or family payment or you pay the fees) Thank you + Planet Eclipse Geo -£100 + P&P (SOLD) (Low battery icon is...
  19. RemcoV

    DYE M2 wanted

    Hi guys, Searching for a decent DYE M2 in following colors as preference: - Black/Gold - Deep Waters - Carbon - Storm (Mosair) Any other M2's can be offered but I will have to consider buying them. Please PM me if you have something for me! Greets, Remco
  20. xITMProductions

    How to maintain Paintball Gun and Dye Rotor

    Hi guys, first of all sorry for being such a noob when it comes to stuff like this secondly a speed ball marker popped up very locally to me and also at what seemed to be a VERY good price, it was the Dangerous Power Fusion F8 or better known as the DP-F8, it is an electric marker and it didn't...
  21. dfr350

    .680 boomstick backs

    Is there anywhere in the Uk that stock the .680 size back as JP, BZ and fat bobs dont seem to. They are on the European website and I can import one from the US. Arsenal paintball list them but from what I gather they are not UK based and there shipping is a bit ropey. Thanks
  22. Lewis Thomson

    Dye I4 Lense Cleaning

    Hi i'm new to paintball and i bought myself a Dye I4 and i was wondering if anyone has any good cleaning tips for when its covered in sweat and paint :) .
  23. Dan Moss

    Dye i4 multicam

    wanted dye i4 multicam. Please message with prices
  24. godlyshotgun2k

    PRICE DROP geo 3.1, csl tip, 68 45 and more PRICE DROP

    PRICE DROP having a bit of a gear clear out, looking to shift a few unused bits and bobs. soldplanet eclipse Birmingham disruption geo 3.1 with shaft pro tip, marker comes with everything as new apart form the spares kit as have miss placed it. the marker its self is flawless never skips a...
  25. danlaws1895

    Dm12 in Red Cloth and GF Boomstick Barrel

    The Dm12 is in good condition with just the usual wear. Beautiful red cloth design and comes with Allen key and original barrel. Also A like new GF Boomstick Barrel in gold and white. Marker £250 Now £220 ONO Barrel £70 ONO Please offer
  26. Guerrero

    Dye M2 (SOLD!)

    Hello everyone! SOLD! Today I’m bringing to you my Dye M2 Crimson Winter, hoping to find someone who’s interested on purchasing a BEAST ;) I’m the very first owner of this M2, I purchased it 5 months ago and the reason why I’m selling it is because I got myself another DM and I’m in need of a...
  27. NinjaDan666

    Clearout: Dye DM9, JT Proflex, Goblin Deuce, E-Pipes, JT Battle Pack, Gen 3 Rotor

    All prices are ALL IN (include delivery and fee's), open to offers. PayPal preferred, I can have people vouch for me if required. You're welcome to collect, I'm from Ratby in Leicester, and go to the walk-ons every month at Rebel Paintball in Ratby. I'll also be at paintfest all weekend...
  28. Mafney

    Wanted: Black Empire or Dye Playing Pants / Trousers - Size Small, to fit 32" Waist.

    As title, I am after a pair of black playing pants in a size small, or to fit 32" waist. I would also accept dark grey or something like that, just don't want anything too brightly coloured, and call me fussy but would ideally like them to be either Empire or Dye so it matches with the rest of...
  29. Adhajm

    Dye barrel fronts!

    Looking for a little bit of colour, red gold, orange etc... Cheers
  30. NinjaDan666

    Dye ASA (Black On/Off Preferred)

    My DM9 leaked through the ASA and the silver screw you have to use the multitool for with the o-rings on is/was shredded :cry: