1. Mr. Suicide

    SOLD: Geo 3 w/ Deuce

    Hello, I recently went back to Dye pew pews, so I'm looking to move my Geo 3 on. Prices are ALL IN, via paypal, fees and postage. Geo 3 - Medium Silver/Forest green Standard Trigger (Duece has been sold to @fruitplukker) Soft bolt included (not installed) Hard case (couple dings) Decent...
  2. Mephestic

    Complete Kit Sale Incl Etek 4 LT (literally brand new)

    Posted yesterday but forgot to timestamp/name with proof so it got removed so re-posting today with the required info/proof - you can see my name and date from today for the same products. ETEK now SOLD - Etek 4 LT - I didn't post this yesterday as I hadn't dug it out but might as well now...
  3. Jos

    Selling kit for a friend - Geo 2.1 / PE Compact gear bag prices

    Hi all, I'm selling my friend's kit which includes a PE Compact gearbag and GEO 2.1 with no modifications or exrtras. As I am interested in getting 1 or both items myself, I figured it'd be good to do a quick check on here and see what you'd be willing to pay if it were on the B/S/T forum...
  4. T

    Paintball Gear with GEO 3

    Hi I’m seling my paintball gear. I haven’t play over 3 years. I tested marker and still shoting great after this brak. I will appreciate if you could tell me somthing about price. is it too high or too low ? Is it worth £600 Also if you would like make an offer let me know. All staff work...
  5. Tom - NVA Cpt

    Gear Sale - MacDev Clone Vx + miscellaneous

    Hi guys and gals, I have a few well loved items for sale to help with saving some cash. Prices do not include shipping, however I am willing to post everything except the bag. Otherwise collection from SW London. (y) MacDev Clone Vx - custom colour way [swapped with team mate]. This is in...
  6. H

    Planet Eclipse Etha Marker Titan White and Black

    Hello everyone I have two planet eclipse etha markers for sale and would like to know what the going value is for them. They both are in mint condition and have only been fired a couple of times, so I have been told, the titan white does have a very light mark on the barrel (shown in the...
  7. uberjuba

    geo 3.1 super blue Geo IV core and geo3.1/lv1 grip kit

    Geo 3.1 in super blue. Good condition. Bit of tip wear on barrel. Spares lube n manual included. Missing Allen keys. £250 all in Iv core. Used but good condition with spare orings and pillow tips. £50 all in Geo 3.1/lv1 blue grip kit. £20 all in Will accept £300 all in if buyer takes the lot...
  8. chanman

    HUGE BARGIN SALE! Guns, Upgrades and softgoods

    Right o, huge lot of stuff i have for sale here and these are the outlines; all items are used unless otherwise stated all prices include fees and postage i am willing to add discount for multiple item purchases there are a few free items that will be given on request to buyers of items (1 free...
  9. Will L

    LEAVING SPORT SALE: 1 of 1 EGO 9/10 Hybrid, RARE Chicago Aftershock Jersey, Rotor, Grillz + MORE

    I haven't set foot on the field for a few years now so I guess you could say I've already left! But it's time to finally move on my gear. I may be a bit out of touch with pricing so please don't shy away from making offers on anything, but I have done some research. Proof of ownership...
  10. I Like Gummy Bears


    I've got my Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5 in midnight up for sale. Shoots flawlessly, only selling due to new sponsorship. £480 Included: Eclipse Geo 3.5 Eclipse SHAFT4 Barrel Eclipse Case Eclipse Lube Large Spares Kit Eclipse Manual Both Eclipse Bolts = IV Core Bolt + IV Core Soft Tip Bolt...
  11. I Like Gummy Bears


  12. roy2k14

    CS1 Silver/Black *Everything sold*

    Planet Eclipse CS1 in Silver/Black. Used for a season, comes with everything you'd expect from a newly bought marker. Case, lube, allen keys(One missing), soft tip and hard tip bolt, manual, spares including an updated ASA part and original PE barrel sock that came with the marker and in...
  13. roy2k14

    Kit sale

    Postage/pp fees are not included in the price below. Open to offers. 1. GI pack 4+5 camo pack £25 2. Vforce grillz black, with clear and HDR lens, peak and extra strap. HDR have a few scratches and the strap loop on the right side ear is ripped but doesnt affect performance. £40 3. Virtue spire...
  14. Craig Parker

    PE Etha + LED EMC Kit

    Hi guys I've got my Etha up for sale. Great working condition, no faults. Comes with upgraded bolt (and original in spares box). Also has EMC kit which has red LED's in it. Previous owner had it from new and kept in top shape. I've only put a box through it and it's been cleaned since so again...
  15. Adhajm

    etek 5 violent series trigger, HK army 2.0, spire black lid laysick pack

    Planet eclipse lv1/geo 3.1 etc.. Grip pieces the reg/gel and main handle are in black (used but good condition) a white lv1 top reg piece is brand new. The blue OLED piece is used but okay condition. SOLD HK army ball beaker 2.0 this is brand new without the tag as i was sent the wrong colour...
  16. Adhajm

    please delete now own one

    Looking for a second marker since the cs1 on the horizon, I would be interested in geo 2's & 3's, could push to a lv1 or anything down too a ego 9
  17. Adhajm

    backup gun for tourney play?

    looking for a back up/alt weather gun for tournament play really, wondering what the public really opt for?, considering a ego 9 or 10 or are they slightly to out dated?
  18. Adhajm

    etek5 grips?

    is there an alternative to the stock etek5 grip?
  19. Adhajm

    etek5 grips?

    looking through sites and manufactures, is there anyone that has or made a girp to replace the stock etek5 grip? its not bad but seems little on the soft side