1. Tenebrae

    Etek Ego

    One very very nice Planet Eclipse Etek Ego, I think it's a 2005, but to be honest I aint certain. Complete with original case and box. Impeccable condition, barely used, a tiny albiet almost invisible mark on the rear. £195 including shipping via Parcel Force 48. Paypal. Close offers considered...
  2. go-one

    Ego 06 Rammer Bumper Spares (XSV SL66)

    Hi all. Can anyone point me to someone who still has any 06 Ego spares? A net search is coming up blank less o Ring kits which don't seam to have the bumper in them! My XSV Ego took 4 boxes at paintfest, but that appears to have killed the old bumper :-( Failing that does a more recent...
  3. Will L

    Going rate for an EGO9/10

    Been a while since I've set foot in here! Been out of the sport for a little now but finally time to shift my gear. I have an EGO9/10 hybrid (9 body, 10 board, cure 4 bolt etc) to sell but have no idea of the going rate of markers these days? What does your typical EGO 9 or 10 go for...
  4. Adhajm

    please delete now own one

    Looking for a second marker since the cs1 on the horizon, I would be interested in geo 2's & 3's, could push to a lv1 or anything down too a ego 9
  5. Adhajm

    backup gun for tourney play?

    looking for a back up/alt weather gun for tournament play really, wondering what the public really opt for?, considering a ego 9 or 10 or are they slightly to out dated?