1. paryo

    Wanted Ego 09 Black/Red or custom anno

    Hey All ^_^ So Im after an Ego 09, I know this marker is rather old now but this particular marker has a certain sentimental value over performance. I already own one but require another as a replacement as my current one has had a fair amount of abuse and is not long destined for the spare...
  2. Will L

    LEAVING SPORT SALE: 1 of 1 EGO 9/10 Hybrid, RARE Chicago Aftershock Jersey, Rotor, Grillz + MORE

    I haven't set foot on the field for a few years now so I guess you could say I've already left! But it's time to finally move on my gear. I may be a bit out of touch with pricing so please don't shy away from making offers on anything, but I have done some research. Proof of ownership...
  3. Will L

    Going rate for an EGO9/10

    Been a while since I've set foot in here! Been out of the sport for a little now but finally time to shift my gear. I have an EGO9/10 hybrid (9 body, 10 board, cure 4 bolt etc) to sell but have no idea of the going rate of markers these days? What does your typical EGO 9 or 10 go for...