1. I Like Gummy Bears


  2. W

    Leaving sport - Bargain..

    Hi All, Just a bit of context as to why I am selling this, I played paintball and unfortunately I found Airsoft, therefore, I am selling my gear to fund that addiction instead. Please see all the items and descriptions below: Proto Rail, I bought this used and I have used it twice and...
  3. Mafney

    Wanted: Empire Neoskin Chest Protector / Bounce Vest - Medium

    As title, after an Empire Neoskin chest protector / bounce vest in medium, ideally for £40 or under, including postage and PayPal. Any help will be much appreciated, Matt
  4. darkfirepheonix

    AutoCocker Resurrection, Dye NT11 PGA Inked ornate, Invert MINI

    **For Sale** Tonight I have a few items for sale due to a little 1 due just after xmas and the wife saying I need to thin the collection. This is a delightful AutoCocker Resurrection in Gloss Red/Black (I think its more pink than red) Shall we say SOLD SOLD SOLD Only one I personally have seen...
  5. cobbler

    Leaving sport sale - loads of goodies!

    I did put this up a few weeks back when someone said they'd have it from me on the Facebook pages, they've since backed out, so take 2! The time has come to sell all my gear as it just keeps on gathering dust, as follows; Empire Vanquish V2 - SOLD Empire Contact pants - L - £40 white planet...
  6. cobbler

    Kit clear out / leaving sport sale

    Hello All, It's been a long while since I've played and I've kinda fallen out of love with the sport, that and other interests are currently filling my time up! So I thought instead of letting all my gear gather dust I might as well get rid of it all. I've attached a snapshot of some of my...
  7. chanman

    HUGE BARGIN SALE! Guns, Upgrades and softgoods

    Right o, huge lot of stuff i have for sale here and these are the outlines; all items are used unless otherwise stated all prices include fees and postage i am willing to add discount for multiple item purchases there are a few free items that will be given on request to buyers of items (1 free...
  8. snips

    Mini GS £150 all in

    Selling my mini GS. In very good condition with a full spares kit. Only thing with it is it's only shooting around 260fps with a freak barrel, needs someone that knows more than me to get it back up to speed. Other than that it's solid no leaks. Asa is reg fussy, works flawless with my ninja reg...
  9. dfr350

    Empier sniper Techt hush bolt

    Bought this as I didnt realize there was so much difference in bolts between the resurrection (which I own) and the sniper (which I dont). This does NOT work in a resurrection all it does is jam and chew orings. As new minus one oring Not been registered. £25 delivered + fees or owed
  10. danlaws1895

    Vanquish 2.0 Grey/Black - £375 Delivered

    Grey and black vanquish 2.0 for sale with a genuine shot count around 20,000 shots. The marker is in brilliant condition and looks like it's been used maybe once. Just maintenanced and cleaned from top to bottom, then test fired and it shoots great. Comes with Barrel kit, extra bolt and spare...
  11. danlaws1895

    Looking for a Vanquish 2.0

    Hi, Just looking for a Vanquish 2.0 and I don't care about the colour. Looking to pay £300 - £400
  12. Mafney

    Wanted: Black Empire or Dye Playing Pants / Trousers - Size Small, to fit 32" Waist.

    As title, I am after a pair of black playing pants in a size small, or to fit 32" waist. I would also accept dark grey or something like that, just don't want anything too brightly coloured, and call me fussy but would ideally like them to be either Empire or Dye so it matches with the rest of...
  13. 3AJ12


    Hey guys, got two Empire Axe's for sale here. Story time: I had two axes before, one normal stock black and one custom annodised + upgraded board (my main marker). When my main one started playing up a bit I decided to strip both of them down, and put all the best and best condition parts into...
  14. JamesWB

    Mini or Axe ? PLEASE HELP !!

    I am wanting to purchase my first electro marker but I am stuck with this problem; if I buy an axe I will not have the money to buy a carbon tank so I will have to get a aluminiun on instead, but if I cut down on the marker and buy a mini I will save enough money to buy a carbon tank. Which...