1. J

    Buying first gun!

    New to the sport!! how good is an Etha? (Not the Etha 2) Also how much is a PE CS1.0 worth secondhand?? Appreciate all the help I could get
  2. H

    Planet Eclipse Etha Marker Titan White and Black

    Hello everyone I have two planet eclipse etha markers for sale and would like to know what the going value is for them. They both are in mint condition and have only been fired a couple of times, so I have been told, the titan white does have a very light mark on the barrel (shown in the...
  3. A

    Barrel Problems

    Hey Guys, I've been having problems with my tippmann A5 barrel. bought it ages ago and haven't used it in the last 3 or 4 years since buying my etha. ...i know, slow progression, I've not had much time or money for anything more high-tech.. it's just a little hobby I enjoy taking part in from...
  4. RandyOne

    Clear out: Etha + Halo 2

    Hi Guys, Clearing out the box to try back in the game. Here is some stuff that I don't need anymore. Open to reasonable offers. All items are located in Basingsoke. I would if possible like to sell it all in one go for £150, but will consider breaking it up for reasonable offers. All items...
  5. Lewis Keen

    Looking For Gtek or Etha 2

    Im looking for a Planrt eclipse Gtek or Planet Eclipse Etha 2
  6. Craig Parker

    PE Etha + LED EMC Kit

    Hi guys I've got my Etha up for sale. Great working condition, no faults. Comes with upgraded bolt (and original in spares box). Also has EMC kit which has red LED's in it. Previous owner had it from new and kept in top shape. I've only put a box through it and it's been cleaned since so again...
  7. S

    Pricing Etha

    What would you guys and girls recommend as a good price for a barely used etha with all the allen keys, spares and lube ? Any ideas are welcome
  8. Elliott Davies

    planet eclipse etha

    £140 all in. Great condition fantastic marker. Never had issues with it. No signs of anno wear. Back part of barrel has small scratch / mark as shown in pic. Some alan keys missing but comes with manual / grease and spares kit
  9. Aracanid

    Etha and Rotor Gen 3

    I've got a Planet Eclipse Etha in red and a black/pink Dye Rotor Gen 3. Both are in great condition and I've not had any issues with either of them. Can take PayPal (buyer pays fees), bank transfer, or you can collect from Glasgow. I work 9-5 during the week but I'll try my best to get it...