geo 3

  1. Mr. Suicide

    SOLD: Geo 3 w/ Deuce

    Hello, I recently went back to Dye pew pews, so I'm looking to move my Geo 3 on. Prices are ALL IN, via paypal, fees and postage. Geo 3 - Medium Silver/Forest green Standard Trigger (Duece has been sold to @fruitplukker) Soft bolt included (not installed) Hard case (couple dings) Decent...
  2. T

    Paintball Gear with GEO 3

    Hi I’m seling my paintball gear. I haven’t play over 3 years. I tested marker and still shoting great after this brak. I will appreciate if you could tell me somthing about price. is it too high or too low ? Is it worth £600 Also if you would like make an offer let me know. All staff work...