1. Stephen

    Fuel, GoPro, Vio Extends, and more!

    Selling a few spare bits that I no longer have the need for. All prices include postage (more expensive items will be tracked). BunkerKings Knuckle Butt (Tank Cover) - £12 As new. Fits a 1.1L bottle, but could be stretched over something bigger with some force. Jerseys Clinic Banner -...
  2. R

    Paintball mask Aesthetics?

    Is there any specific Paintball mask mods what make the mask & experience better? If so could you explain why, please. Fan? GoPro? Visors? Also, are many of you bothered about the look of your mask? Do you like the mask plain? Would you prefer your mask to look like something? Colour? Style? Shape?
  3. KoloBonus

    Gopro mount for Empire Eflex and Vforce Grill

    I'm crafting and Trading Gopro and SJCAM mounts for Empire Eflex and Grills masks (will fit most empire masks). Cannot post sales here yet but these can be found on many Facebook UK B/S/T forums. Let me know what you think? Don't have i4 mask but once I get my hand on one will probably be able...