1. Three Zeroes

    Kit Clear out - Goggles, Retro Gear, Signed Jersey etc.

    As part of moving, I need to cut down on all the equipment I’ve accumulated over the years. All items include postage and fees. Everything is sold as seen. Any questions? Ask away. Splits and offers possible. I work A+E shifts so please bear with me in terms of response and shipping, everything...
  2. Merk

    HDR Vforce grill lens

    Looking to buy any coloured vforce grill hdr lens as the seal in mine has gone, any condition considered, not too fussed about scratches!
  3. KoloBonus

    Gopro mount for Empire Eflex and Vforce Grill

    I'm crafting and Trading Gopro and SJCAM mounts for Empire Eflex and Grills masks (will fit most empire masks). Cannot post sales here yet but these can be found on many Facebook UK B/S/T forums. Let me know what you think? Don't have i4 mask but once I get my hand on one will probably be able...