1. Tom - NVA Cpt

    Gear Sale - MacDev Clone Vx + miscellaneous

    Hi guys and gals, I have a few well loved items for sale to help with saving some cash. Prices do not include shipping, however I am willing to post everything except the bag. Otherwise collection from SW London. (y) MacDev Clone Vx - custom colour way [swapped with team mate]. This is in...
  2. Will L

    LEAVING SPORT SALE: 1 of 1 EGO 9/10 Hybrid, RARE Chicago Aftershock Jersey, Rotor, Grillz + MORE

    I haven't set foot on the field for a few years now so I guess you could say I've already left! But it's time to finally move on my gear. I may be a bit out of touch with pricing so please don't shy away from making offers on anything, but I have done some research. Proof of ownership...
  3. uberjuba

    goggles wanted, proflex, eflex, grill etc

    wanted: goggles prefer eflex, pro flex or grill. please, no i4's. no reds whites or gold show me what you got
  4. roy2k14

    Kit sale

    Postage/pp fees are not included in the price below. Open to offers. 1. GI pack 4+5 camo pack £25 2. Vforce grillz black, with clear and HDR lens, peak and extra strap. HDR have a few scratches and the strap loop on the right side ear is ripped but doesnt affect performance. £40 3. Virtue spire...