1. I Like Gummy Bears


  2. J

    New Player Needing Advice!!!

    I new player and was looking for some advice on buying my first gun! Should I get a new Dye Rize CZR or a second hand gun for similar prices to the Rize? I’ve seen DM13/14s or a MacDev 5 for similar prices?
  3. L

    Vanguard Creed - Brushed Silver - What is it worth?

    I have come into possession of a Brushed Silver Vanguard Creed. It needs a new battery, as the one installed is swollen and not holding a charge. I knew it shot well a couple of years ago but has only been stored and forgotten about since then, I have no idea about the rest of the history...
  4. Lewis Keen

    Marker Help

    Hi guys, I'm new to paintball but want to get a mid range marker, any ideas on what i could get, my budget is about £400. Is it worth buying New or Used? Thanks.
  5. roy2k14

    CS1 Silver/Black *Everything sold*

    Planet Eclipse CS1 in Silver/Black. Used for a season, comes with everything you'd expect from a newly bought marker. Case, lube, allen keys(One missing), soft tip and hard tip bolt, manual, spares including an updated ASA part and original PE barrel sock that came with the marker and in...
  6. danlaws1895

    Vanquish 2.0 Grey/Black - £375 Delivered

    Grey and black vanquish 2.0 for sale with a genuine shot count around 20,000 shots. The marker is in brilliant condition and looks like it's been used maybe once. Just maintenanced and cleaned from top to bottom, then test fired and it shoots great. Comes with Barrel kit, extra bolt and spare...
  7. JamesWB

    Gog eNMey or Spyder Fenix ?

    I thinking of getting my first marker and both the gog enmey and the spyder fenix are in my price range, so which do suggest I get ?