1. I Like Gummy Bears

    HK Army Sweatband

    Teal HK Army sweatband £20 posted
  2. roy2k14

    CS1 Silver/Black *Everything sold*

    Planet Eclipse CS1 in Silver/Black. Used for a season, comes with everything you'd expect from a newly bought marker. Case, lube, allen keys(One missing), soft tip and hard tip bolt, manual, spares including an updated ASA part and original PE barrel sock that came with the marker and in...

    ***Ultimate head gear deal***

    Hi there, THIS is what I'm selling: I am selling the ultimate headgear that the paintball has ever witnessed. I am hoping to sell it all at once. I am willing to provide a discount if you buy the lot. I want ONE sale ideally. Why is it so 'Ultimate'? Well, this is vintage stuff. This is...