hk army

  1. I Like Gummy Bears

    HK Army Sweatband

    Teal HK Army sweatband £20 posted
  2. Tom - NVA Cpt

    Gear Sale - MacDev Clone Vx + miscellaneous

    Hi guys and gals, I have a few well loved items for sale to help with saving some cash. Prices do not include shipping, however I am willing to post everything except the bag. Otherwise collection from SW London. (y) MacDev Clone Vx - custom colour way [swapped with team mate]. This is in...
  3. Adhajm

    Dye m2 woody mint, hk KLR surge, virtue spire, crown

    Selling a set of KLR surge with fusions lens (pretty much close to mint) goggles are in good condition not missing any pop screws £60 included postage or £55 at cpps including black lens aswell Dye m2 woody - SOLD Virtue spire crown pink and blue exalt fastfeed with rainlid £20
  4. Adhajm

    Dye m2 woody, hk army KLR pulse goggles, fastfeed spire crown

    Dye m2 woody edition it's shot around one & half case of paint through it, lovely gun just a little small for me, has been set to factory reset so will have 00099 from last testing it, it is complete and still with dye warranty £900 Hk army KLR pulse with black lens & fusion lenses £70 or will...
  5. Adhajm

    HK ARMY TFX BLACK/GOLD hopper ??

    accidentally put this in the for sale but needed it in the wanted section, does anyone have a hk that would be up for sale? cheers
  6. Adhajm


    Planet Eclipse ETEK 5 Titan - hardly used only played with about 4/5 time! in fantastic shape it has 12645 shots on the OLED which i got for it when i got the gun at the same time i would say it could be at about 15000 (pulling the trigger when not turned on) - £350 (includes shipping in that...
  7. Adhajm

    HK army Zero G vs bunker kings supreme V1/V3

    looking at getting one of the following packs, but whats the feed on them? I'm swinging more towards the BNKR but need help as cannot decide cheers
  8. Adhajm

    etek 5 violent series trigger, HK army 2.0, spire black lid laysick pack

    Planet eclipse lv1/geo 3.1 etc.. Grip pieces the reg/gel and main handle are in black (used but good condition) a white lv1 top reg piece is brand new. The blue OLED piece is used but okay condition. SOLD HK army ball beaker 2.0 this is brand new without the tag as i was sent the wrong colour...
  9. Adhajm

    wanted, a spire or HK Army loaders

    really want one of these can pay asap, colour preference I'm not too fussed so if you have one for sale please let me know (Y)
  10. Adhajm

    Spire vs HK Army hoppers

    thinking on getting one in red&black but what ones actually better or preferred?