1. W

    Leaving sport - Bargain..

    Hi All, Just a bit of context as to why I am selling this, I played paintball and unfortunately I found Airsoft, therefore, I am selling my gear to fund that addiction instead. Please see all the items and descriptions below: Proto Rail, I bought this used and I have used it twice and...
  2. Elite Combat Games


    Hello All, I am currently in the process of opening a new site in Northern Ireland, Iv a few items still to acquire before ill start building the site. I am hoping some of you may be able to suggest somewhere where these things could be purchased, wither it be at your own site, local site or...
  3. Jake Burroughs

    Markers / kit

    Hi all, Paintball markers / kit for sale. If my prices are off let me know what you think I would get for them, I'd be willing to let it all go for £250 (including all extras). Tippman x7 phenom with e grip and cyclone feed - £100 ono Tippman Sierra one - £60 ono BT Omega with rip clip /...
  4. cobbler

    Kit clear out / leaving sport sale

    Hello All, It's been a long while since I've played and I've kinda fallen out of love with the sport, that and other interests are currently filling my time up! So I thought instead of letting all my gear gather dust I might as well get rid of it all. I've attached a snapshot of some of my...
  5. George Savage

    ETEK 3 LT - for sale! SOLD - PLEASE DELETE

    Hi all, Looking to sell my ETEK 3 LT, great condition and fires like a dream. Comes in it's original case, along with all other extras accept the Allen keys. Gun inside is well maintained and lubed, only detail noticable is a bit of friction on the bolt. As for wear and tear, the only real...
  6. Adhajm

    HK ARMY TFX BLACK/GOLD hopper ??

    accidentally put this in the for sale but needed it in the wanted section, does anyone have a hk that would be up for sale? cheers
  7. Adhajm


    Planet Eclipse ETEK 5 Titan - hardly used only played with about 4/5 time! in fantastic shape it has 12645 shots on the OLED which i got for it when i got the gun at the same time i would say it could be at about 15000 (pulling the trigger when not turned on) - £350 (includes shipping in that...
  8. Adhajm

    Spire Cyan/Blue SF crown

    i currently own a green SF crown and looking to swap for the cyan/blue if anyone has or want to i can uploaded a picture for proof, cheers
  9. Adhajm

    etek 5 violent series trigger, HK army 2.0, spire black lid laysick pack

    Planet eclipse lv1/geo 3.1 etc.. Grip pieces the reg/gel and main handle are in black (used but good condition) a white lv1 top reg piece is brand new. The blue OLED piece is used but okay condition. SOLD HK army ball beaker 2.0 this is brand new without the tag as i was sent the wrong colour...
  10. Adhajm

    Spire *now own*

    i now own a green spire translucent speedfeed but looking trade for a blue/cyan or pink/purple speedfeed
  11. Adhajm

    wanted, a spire or HK Army loaders

    really want one of these can pay asap, colour preference I'm not too fussed so if you have one for sale please let me know (Y)
  12. Adhajm

    Spire vs HK Army hoppers

    thinking on getting one in red&black but what ones actually better or preferred?