1. head_-_shot

    Very rare professional jerseys (Nexus Training Top)

    Very rare professional player jerseys. These hard-to-find jerseys are head-turners on the field! Suggested price: £60 each but feel free to offer what you want to pay, I am quite happy to listen to your offer! You won't pay postage, prices include Postage! (y) 1. Brandon Short's Ironmen...
  2. Akitat

    Apparel Release Dates

    Hello All, Is anybody aware of the manufacturers having a standard release date for certain items of gear. I am interested in knowing about Jersey's, Trousers, and Battlepacks. E.g Does DYE release a Jersey every 2 years in September. Many Thanks
  3. ~Solo~

    Eclipse HDE Camo Pants - M & HDE Camo Jersey - S (More like M)

    The HDE Pants have been regularly worn but machine washed after every use. I removed the internal padding before the first wear so its in perfect condition and has never been through the machine. There is some abrasion wear to the knees as you can see from the pics but everything else is in...
  4. roy2k14

    Kit sale

    Postage/pp fees are not included in the price below. Open to offers. 1. GI pack 4+5 camo pack £25 2. Vforce grillz black, with clear and HDR lens, peak and extra strap. HDR have a few scratches and the strap loop on the right side ear is ripped but doesnt affect performance. £40 3. Virtue spire...
  5. Three Zeroes

    Kit Clear out - Goggles, Retro Gear, Signed Jersey etc.

    As part of moving, I need to cut down on all the equipment I’ve accumulated over the years. All items include postage and fees. Everything is sold as seen. Any questions? Ask away. Splits and offers possible. I work A+E shifts so please bear with me in terms of response and shipping, everything...
  6. ellio7t

    Eclipse Code Playing Pants + Birmingham Disruption Jersey

    Today I am listing my Birmingham Disruption jersey and Eclipse Code jersey from a few years ago, both in good condition all round for their age. Message me if you need anymore information!! Pants are MEDIUM £40 Jersey is XTRA LARGE £20 I will accept offers, want them gone! I am at CPPS is you...
  7. joffrey_baratheon

    Join my team for fun!

    Right, pretty much every paintball team is one that's sheerly for competition purposes. And yeah that's all fine and good. Alot of people enjoy that but what I want is to have a team of guys and girls that can just go into any Paintball event/weekend/walk on and people will be like "oh god it's...
  8. roy2k14

    Kit sales; Just team jersey left

    Geo 3.1 Blue & Gold, used only a couple months and don't think previous hand have used it much. Slight barrel wear and tiny chip at the end of the frame. Comes with the usual; gun case, allen keys, grease, spares and even the original box packaging. £SOLD posted buyer pay fees. Smart Part...