1. head_-_shot

    Very rare professional jerseys (Nexus Training Top)

    Very rare professional player jerseys. These hard-to-find jerseys are head-turners on the field! Suggested price: £60 each but feel free to offer what you want to pay, I am quite happy to listen to your offer! You won't pay postage, prices include Postage! (y) 1. Brandon Short's Ironmen...
  2. Jos

    Selling kit for a friend - Geo 2.1 / PE Compact gear bag prices

    Hi all, I'm selling my friend's kit which includes a PE Compact gearbag and GEO 2.1 with no modifications or exrtras. As I am interested in getting 1 or both items myself, I figured it'd be good to do a quick check on here and see what you'd be willing to pay if it were on the B/S/T forum...
  3. Lewis Keen


    Just wondering if anyone knows of any good stores where I can try things out before I buy? I’m in the midlands area but I’m happy to travel.
  4. Sugz

    Rare Element V2 Ion + Kit for Sale

    Hey all! So it's been a while and the times they are a-changin, so I have to start to sell my kit off :( A sad day indeed. Anyway.. here we go.. Very Rare Dust Black Element V2 Framed Ion with Powerlite Dust...
  5. Three Zeroes

    Kit Clear out - Goggles, Retro Gear, Signed Jersey etc.

    As part of moving, I need to cut down on all the equipment I’ve accumulated over the years. All items include postage and fees. Everything is sold as seen. Any questions? Ask away. Splits and offers possible. I work A+E shifts so please bear with me in terms of response and shipping, everything...
  6. SecretSquirrel83

    SOLD: Angel G7 Fly, Stiffi barrel kit, Viewloader Velocity, Hayden Fraser stand

    Hello all. I've been hanging on to my kit for a while, expecting to get back in the game but the time has come to sell it. Up for sale I have.. Angel G7 Fly in box with manual, charger and accessories. Stiffi 14" carbon barrel kit Hayden Fraser gun stand Viewloader Vlocity (missing top filling...
  7. ellio7t

    Machine Vapour, Dye Rotor, + Kit Selling Cheap Offers

    HI GUYS AND GIRLS, FOR SALE TODAY I HAVE MY MACHINE VAPOUR, DYE ROTOR, DYE I4S, NXE POD PACK, SQUEEGIES FLUFFIES, BARRELS SOCK AND SPARE LENS FOR THE I4S. Machine Vapour V3 - £350 or nearest offer Dye i4 Autum Camo + spare lens - SOLD Dye Rotor - £80 NXE Pod Pack 4 + Tank - £30 I AM OPEN FOR...
  8. Adhajm

    freak kit wanted

    does anyone have a freak kit or boremaster for sale? cheers