1. The Original Gimp

    Bursting Macro Hose...

    Hi All, Need some help please. I've a 2003 sft Shocker with original front reg & macro line hose to a CP on/off ASA. It's connected to a Pure Energy Reg & 4.5k 0.7ltr bottle. I pressurised the marker this morning & the macro line hose burst. I've replaced the section of hose but it's burst...
  2. D

    WANTED - PMR 2007-2008 SOLENOID

    Have a look at the image, if anyone got one please let me know.
  3. crf95

    HP Burst Disc Leak

    Picked up a bottle second hand a couple of months ago and had absolutely no issues with it on the day, worked perfectly. I had it filled to 3k at a dive shop two weeks ago just so I could do some drills in my garden and I put it away after running it down to around 2k PSI. I was getting my gear...