1. Andy Duggan

    Luxe 2.0 with Freak Boremaster Kit

    Sold elsewhere pending payment Looking to part with my Luxe 2.0 with Freak Boremaster Kit. Ideally don't want to split as I have no use for one without the other. Not 100% on what these are going for at the moment, so I'm after £350 or best offer. The Luxe has recently had every o-ring...
  2. A

    Beautiful Luxe 1.5, Sandana barrel bag, Spire 260 & Dyecam pack

    Dyecam Attackpack 4+7 - £25, good condition still holding up, minor fraying. Condition 6/10
  3. Adhajm


    SP Shocker RSX Royal Blue Smart Part (£450 ONO) or looking for a of trade for Geo 3.1/3.5 Good condition marker please see photo's can be at CPPS or bricketwood These marker do not have have a shot count reader but I can say it's around 6/7 cases so 12000/14000 (Reason for selling is I like abit...