1. Magfed Joker

    Players in Manchester?

    Hi I'm 29 and live in Manchester. Any players close by that can show us around? Help with walk ons? Point us in the right direction? My flatmate and I have magfed markers but always willing to chat with anyone. Thanks
  2. Magfed Joker

    Place to practice near Manchester - help please?

    My flatmate and are I 29 and live in Manchester and used to paintball years ago and long story short - we both saw and fell in love with Magfed... haha We got a milsig m17 smg each and are looking to go to some events soon... In the meantime I'm trying to get my girlfriend into it as well but...
  3. M

    Speedball near Manchester?

    Would love to get into speedball, is there any where you would recommend around the Manchester area
  4. M

    Speedball near Manchester?

    So I'm going to be living around Manchester for the next year or so and been thinking about getting into speedball, does anyone know if there is anywhere speedball fields to go around Manchester? Thanks
  5. X

    Paintballing in Manchester

    Hey, It's pretty awesome to have a forum site dedicated to paintballing. I've just signed up here. My main reason for signing up is that I just recently remembered about some tickets that I had bought to go to the IPG Paintballing Centre in Eccles, Manchester. I've personally never been...