1. I Like Gummy Bears

    Black Profilers

    New black V-Force Profilers, including peak. £45
  2. W

    Leaving sport - Bargain..

    Hi All, Just a bit of context as to why I am selling this, I played paintball and unfortunately I found Airsoft, therefore, I am selling my gear to fund that addiction instead. Please see all the items and descriptions below: Proto Rail, I bought this used and I have used it twice and...
  3. Maxwell1209


    Hi At the moment I have the Proto switch FS mask. I love my Proto a lot but i was thinking of possibly making an upgrade. I was thinking of the DYE Axis Pro Thermal Goggle. If anyone has any thoughts on the change;if there a big change in breath-ability or field of view or just personal...
  4. Lewis Keen


    Just wondering if anyone knows of any good stores where I can try things out before I buy? I’m in the midlands area but I’m happy to travel.
  5. Jake Burroughs

    Markers / kit

    Hi all, Paintball markers / kit for sale. If my prices are off let me know what you think I would get for them, I'd be willing to let it all go for £250 (including all extras). Tippman x7 phenom with e grip and cyclone feed - £100 ono Tippman Sierra one - £60 ono BT Omega with rip clip /...
  6. Dinan Gunawardena

    Buy Dye i4 or wait for i5/i6?

    Hi All, Another newbie question as I start buying my own kit for the first time... I see some Dye i4 Pro 2016 masks discounted at around £70 (bz). Do you think it is worth buying these or waiting for the i6 to be released... I assume the i5s would be discounted then. Any other masks I should...
  7. cobbler

    Kit clear out / leaving sport sale

    Hello All, It's been a long while since I've played and I've kinda fallen out of love with the sport, that and other interests are currently filling my time up! So I thought instead of letting all my gear gather dust I might as well get rid of it all. I've attached a snapshot of some of my...
  8. R

    Paintball mask Aesthetics?

    Is there any specific Paintball mask mods what make the mask & experience better? If so could you explain why, please. Fan? GoPro? Visors? Also, are many of you bothered about the look of your mask? Do you like the mask plain? Would you prefer your mask to look like something? Colour? Style? Shape?
  9. R

    What paintball masks are the best on the market and why?

    Hi, I'm a university student studying Product design and am redesigning a paintball mask. I would like to know some positives and negatives about current paintball masks on the market if you can give a reason why they're good that would be extremely helpful Condensation? What changes need to...
  10. Lewis Keen

    Starter Mask

    I know that the mask is the most important so what does anyone think is a good place to go when buying a mask?
  11. Jordan Willetts

    Pods, masks, packs &emote

    Dye 3 pack- well used- £33 Dye 3 pack- decent condition-£37 Empire pack- decent condition-£28 I4's- £50 Sly profits-£30 Freak insets 684 + 687- £10 each or both for £15 9x pods- £22 Dye knee pads brand new- £40 XL All prices inc p&p not
  12. Sam Barnes

    Hi there from the north west

    hey I'm new to all this realy, I've always done the odd bit on the side but looking to maybe pursue it a little more, and with the amount of sites near me it be rude not to, we for the winter months at least while I have most weekends free, I'm in the Preston area, I'm going to do a few walk...