new player

  1. N

    Speedball/Airball (Any SupAir near Middlesbrough)

    I have played paintball a dozen times in the past year but it all seems to be woods ball and no speedball /airball i want to play paintball that is closer to playing tournament style paintball however i cant seem to find any near my location i'm from the north east of England and every close...
  2. Foord.c

    New player looking for team

    Im recently new to the sport with only a bit of experience due to visiting the Mayhem Big Game earlier in the year. I have my own gear and am looking for a team based near Bishops Stortford/ Harlow for the 2019 season so if anyone has any contacts or knows about any teams based around my area...
  3. Deathwish

    Looking to join a local team if possible.

    Hi all, I've had a fair few games of paintball locally for a while now and have always wanted to join a team. I'm from Sunderland so anywhere in the north east would be good, just wanting to know if there are any teams out there willing to take on?
  4. Luke Dreelan

    pods and packs

    Hi Guys I'm still fairly new to paintball and i am near to completing my kit collection all i need is a pack and some pods what are good suggestions for packs is it worth it to go for the expensive strapless packs or just go for the cheaper ones and in regards to pods are things like lock lids...
  5. N

    Newbie looking for walk ons

    hi, me and some mates have just recently bought some gear and are now looking for places that do walk ons to test it out, north east england from middlesbrough thanks in advance
  6. Magfed Joker

    Players in Manchester?

    Hi I'm 29 and live in Manchester. Any players close by that can show us around? Help with walk ons? Point us in the right direction? My flatmate and I have magfed markers but always willing to chat with anyone. Thanks
  7. danlaws1895

    Brighton teams?

    Relatively new player. Fast and fearless. Looking to play as much paintball as possible.