1. 6thFlow

    New to the scene, help a lad out

    Hi everyone. Basically I’m like every other newbie post you’ve seen. I need some advice and guidance to head in the right direction. I’ve been on YouTube, google and even gear websites just researching everything and seeing what things are. I’ve got fairly common sense and know what to sort...
  2. Lewis Keen

    Walk ons

    Hi can anyone tell me of any regular walk on sites in the midlands that are relatively cheap.
  3. Lewis Keen


    Just wondering if anyone knows of any good stores where I can try things out before I buy? I’m in the midlands area but I’m happy to travel.
  4. Lewis Keen

    Starter Mask

    I know that the mask is the most important so what does anyone think is a good place to go when buying a mask?
  5. Lewis Keen

    Tournament costs

    I'm new but want to play tournaments, any idea how much this costs?
  6. Lewis Keen

    Good Tourney Starter Marker

    Hi wanting to get into tournaments but not sure what's a good place to start when looking at markers for tournaments. Any ideas?
  7. Lewis Keen

    Marker Help

    Hi guys, I'm new to paintball but want to get a mid range marker, any ideas on what i could get, my budget is about £400. Is it worth buying New or Used? Thanks.
  8. danlaws1895

    Just starting tournament paintball

    Hi guys just looking to see if anyone has any little hints tips or paintball life hacks that might help me out. Thanks in advance.