1. Jake Burroughs

    Markers / kit

    Hi all, Paintball markers / kit for sale. If my prices are off let me know what you think I would get for them, I'd be willing to let it all go for £250 (including all extras). Tippman x7 phenom with e grip and cyclone feed - £100 ono Tippman Sierra one - £60 ono BT Omega with rip clip /...
  2. TomF

    Kit Sale. Freak kit, pants, packs.

    Old post please delete
  3. Will L

    LEAVING SPORT SALE: 1 of 1 EGO 9/10 Hybrid, RARE Chicago Aftershock Jersey, Rotor, Grillz + MORE

    I haven't set foot on the field for a few years now so I guess you could say I've already left! But it's time to finally move on my gear. I may be a bit out of touch with pricing so please don't shy away from making offers on anything, but I have done some research. Proof of ownership...
  4. darkfirepheonix

    Tac vest and accessories

    Battle tested tactical vest 2 x 2+3 pod packs 1 x 2 pod pack 1 small pouch 1 medium pouch with 3 sections 1 thigh rig 3 pistol holsters £50 all in
  5. Adhajm

    bunker kings supreme pack - heisenberg

    wanting one, just wondering if anyone has one they are looking to move before i purchase one