1. T

    How to sell

    Hi I recently received a Tippmann paintball gun as an anniversary present but I know I’ll barely use it. It’s unboxed along with 250 paintballs. I need advice on how I can sell it because I live in the uk and there are very restrictive laws about selling them online! I know there is a forum...
  2. H

    Planet Eclipse Etha Marker Titan White and Black

    Hello everyone I have two planet eclipse etha markers for sale and would like to know what the going value is for them. They both are in mint condition and have only been fired a couple of times, so I have been told, the titan white does have a very light mark on the barrel (shown in the...
  3. MechMasters

    Mechanical Masters : Walkon 14/0/2017 (Robbo Approved now)

    So this has been floating about and taken down many times in the last few days but hopefully now it will stay. Mechanical Masters is here to give you something different. What's different? There are a few things that make this the next step in your many years of enjoying the sport and here are...
  4. joffrey_baratheon

    speedball arenas

    does anyone know of any sites that have speedball arenas that they use as part of the day? preferably in the midlands. i like the idea of speedball and it gives me something different to do. it's just that i dont want to commit myself to a team and then not want to do it after not very long. so...
  5. R

    Paintball mask Aesthetics?

    Is there any specific Paintball mask mods what make the mask & experience better? If so could you explain why, please. Fan? GoPro? Visors? Also, are many of you bothered about the look of your mask? Do you like the mask plain? Would you prefer your mask to look like something? Colour? Style? Shape?
  6. R

    What paintball masks are the best on the market and why?

    Hi, I'm a university student studying Product design and am redesigning a paintball mask. I would like to know some positives and negatives about current paintball masks on the market if you can give a reason why they're good that would be extremely helpful Condensation? What changes need to...
  7. Jordan Willetts

    Do you need media coverage at CPPS 2017?

    Hi Guys, CLJW will be down CPPS every round covering all of the divisions from Elite to Break-In. Visit our Facebook page to see last years photos!- While you're there drop us a message to show your interest! Best of luck to you all!
  8. G

    Red Dot Sights

    Hello all, I am fairly new to paintball and I am looking in to getting a red dot sight for my Tippmann Sierra One. I have a DXS Pulse Loader and I of course have the issue that the sight will not fit/ I wont have clear vision looking through it. There is also the issue of the mask not allowing a...
  9. D

    Best Games Throughout the year

    So considering I've been away from the paintballing scene for a year or two, I thought I'd ask you lot (as this forum seems to be active) I'm curious to know the following things: (this will also help other readers) Which events did you attend? Which was the best and the worst and why...
  10. Anglian1992

    Woodsball UK

    Hey everyone, On top of having a love for Paintball I'm also into editing and such. Me and my friends all have GoPros/Ion Air pros and at the end of the day I collect everyone's memory cards and edit the footage together. These are primarily made for our own record, as such they're not...
  11. Mafney

    For Sale: Angel Paintball Gloves - Size Medium

    As title, I have a fairly well used pair of Angel paintball playing gloves, in size medium, also for sale. They have both of the trigger fingers cut, but do not have any rips or tears anywhere in the gloves. However, they are slightly discoloured on some of the white parts from being washed over...
  12. O

    Starting A Paintball business Field/Indoor

    Hey Guys, I'm currently considering opening a paintball business on a piece of property( Not yet bought) I'm looking for advice on.. - Events to attract new and existing players ( small team tournament with equipment as a prize or sponsored prize ) - I want to include a indoor arena maybe 2...
  13. ellio7t

    Machine Vapour, Dye Rotor, + Kit Selling Cheap Offers

    HI GUYS AND GIRLS, FOR SALE TODAY I HAVE MY MACHINE VAPOUR, DYE ROTOR, DYE I4S, NXE POD PACK, SQUEEGIES FLUFFIES, BARRELS SOCK AND SPARE LENS FOR THE I4S. Machine Vapour V3 - £350 or nearest offer Dye i4 Autum Camo + spare lens - SOLD Dye Rotor - £80 NXE Pod Pack 4 + Tank - £30 I AM OPEN FOR...
  14. joffrey_baratheon

    Join my team for fun!

    Right, pretty much every paintball team is one that's sheerly for competition purposes. And yeah that's all fine and good. Alot of people enjoy that but what I want is to have a team of guys and girls that can just go into any Paintball event/weekend/walk on and people will be like "oh god it's...
  15. Adhajm

    etek 5 violent series trigger, HK army 2.0, spire black lid laysick pack

    Planet eclipse lv1/geo 3.1 etc.. Grip pieces the reg/gel and main handle are in black (used but good condition) a white lv1 top reg piece is brand new. The blue OLED piece is used but okay condition. SOLD HK army ball beaker 2.0 this is brand new without the tag as i was sent the wrong colour...
  16. H

    Paintballers Wanted for Channel Four TV Training Scheme!

    Hello Paintballers, I am new to this forum so apologies if I'm not posting in the correct section etc! Please direct me... I'm a TV Producer from London and working on the Channel Four Investigative Journalism Trainee Scheme. Each year, we have four up and coming filmmakers take part. They’re...
  17. Adhajm

    archive photos from NSPL ?

    anyone know if paintball pictures is still up and running, used to have all the photos from back in the day
  18. Robert Dalton

    Geo 3.1 - Shiner 3 - £ 425

    Geo 3.1 bought one year ago, used for a season great marker all season and well looked after. Note: barrel is stuck together and I've tried very hard to separate. Barrel works perfectly on field just won't split. Won't split grips unless I can sell marker without them Postage included buyer...