planet eclipse

  1. GSuperstar

    Planet Eclipse Various - Pants (Black and HDE) / Padding

    Afternoon all! Firstly the dates are incorrect on the paper. I used the sign for a Facebook listing not realising these classifieds were still available! :) I work for Planet Eclipse and can get many to vouch for me. If the date is a removable issue please delete the thread and I’ll try to...
  2. richardmawer

    GRAVEYARD PLEASE - SOLD - Etek 3 AM - Forest Dig-E-Cam / Black - Just had full service by Planet Eclipse + New HPR & LPR Pistons

    I am selling this 2011 Etek 3 AM - as you can see from the pics, other than a couple of small scratches and a litle anno wear on the end of the barrel. this is in mint condition and has been a back up marker - so very light use. It had an air leak so was sent to Planet Eclipse for a full...
  3. Mr. Suicide

    SOLD: Geo 3 w/ Deuce

    Hello, I recently went back to Dye pew pews, so I'm looking to move my Geo 3 on. Prices are ALL IN, via paypal, fees and postage. Geo 3 - Medium Silver/Forest green Standard Trigger (Duece has been sold to @fruitplukker) Soft bolt included (not installed) Hard case (couple dings) Decent...
  4. Stephen

    Fuel, GoPro, Vio Extends, and more!

    Selling a few spare bits that I no longer have the need for. All prices include postage (more expensive items will be tracked). BunkerKings Knuckle Butt (Tank Cover) - £12 As new. Fits a 1.1L bottle, but could be stretched over something bigger with some force. Jerseys Clinic Banner -...
  5. J

    Buying first gun!

    New to the sport!! how good is an Etha? (Not the Etha 2) Also how much is a PE CS1.0 worth secondhand?? Appreciate all the help I could get
  6. Jack Boulton

    CS1 for sale

    Planet eclipse cs1 for sale Had the marker for about a year now Not sure on shot count I’ve put about 60k through it and hasn’t let me down once Seen plenty of use but still shoots great. £300 shipped
  7. Luke M Francis

    What’s the going rate for a PE LVR?

    Just testing the waters to see what’s the going rate of an PE LVR Blue Shadow? Near 100k shots and hasn’t missed a beat and and always been maintained No scratches apart from a very tiny scratch by the rammer cap Black blade trigger installed and Blue Deuce in case (the one that came in the...
  8. caliballer420

    Geo 3.1 whats it worth?

    Hi all I have a used Midnight Geo 3.1, not sure on shot count. Includes stock shaft barrel, case, parts kit, tools, lube. What do these go for nowadays?
  9. ~Solo~

    Eclipse HDE Camo Pants - M & HDE Camo Jersey - S (More like M)

    The HDE Pants have been regularly worn but machine washed after every use. I removed the internal padding before the first wear so its in perfect condition and has never been through the machine. There is some abrasion wear to the knees as you can see from the pics but everything else is in...
  10. H

    Planet Eclipse Etha Marker Titan White and Black

    Hello everyone I have two planet eclipse etha markers for sale and would like to know what the going value is for them. They both are in mint condition and have only been fired a couple of times, so I have been told, the titan white does have a very light mark on the barrel (shown in the...
  11. TomF

    Planet Eclipse CS1 Vamped SOLD

    £430 Used for 1 season, good condition, general wear but nothing obvious and shoots flawlessly. Shot count is 71,130. Comes with its case, .689 barrel back, 14” tip, soft tip bolt, barrel sock, and allen keys COLLECTION PREFERRED Or, you pay postage and PayPal fees. Items can be collected...
  12. TomF

    Kit Sale. Freak kit, pants, packs.

    Old post please delete
  13. TomF

    Planet Eclipse GSL #358 Prestige 2 SOLD

    Looking to trade for a CS1/1.5 + some cash (depending on condition, colour, etc) but will consider selling for straight cash if the price is right. Colour preferences: Blue, silver, gold, black. Will consider others though. No team editions. Owned since new, good condition with general wear...
  14. platoongod


    Planet Eclipse GEO 3.1 Pink / Blue - Good Condition, few scratches here and there, but only what you would expect from playing cpps, case is a little beaten up but still functional and protects the marker, pictures below. Asking for SOLD posted next day and insured.
  15. whincop

    Kit sale, GSL, Pants, etc

    Hello and welcome to my clear out of my old kit, all items in excellent used condition, always looked after my kit 1, Planet eclipse GSL viper, £800 2, Playing trousers, from left to right, A, Exalt (large) £60 B, Drom (large) £50 C, Planet Eclipse 2014? (large) £50 D,Planet Eclipse 2012...
  16. Tenebrae

    Etek Ego

    One very very nice Planet Eclipse Etek Ego, I think it's a 2005, but to be honest I aint certain. Complete with original case and box. Impeccable condition, barely used, a tiny albiet almost invisible mark on the rear. £195 including shipping via Parcel Force 48. Paypal. Close offers considered...
  17. F

    *sold please remove*

    Planet Eclipse cs1 riddler in lovely condition, this price includes a freak back in riddler splash & inserts and exalt case 15880 on the clock All pictures here; £710 + paypal fees £650 cash Will be at millennium this weekend so can be collected from there.
  18. R

    1of1 CS1 + Freak Kit *price reduction!!*

    Seriously special treat for you boys and girls today. Prices are 'all in' with fees and postage. Will listen to sensible offers but am in absolutely no rush to sell! Should also mention that I work full time in central london with a slog of a commute so will not be able to provide Amazon levels...
  19. MattyD

    Ego 11 Regal and Ego 11 Midnight W/Dart

    These two beautiful Ego 11's for sale below. Never let me know, both recently serviced by a Planet Eclipse Certified tech. Both used but in very good condition, both barrels have anno wear as you'd expect but apart from that working well. Reason for sale is that I have two guns on top of these...
  20. LukeOzade

    Leaving the Sport Sale

    Hi guys, the time has come when I've got to say that I'm leaving the sport, so I'm getting rid of all my gear. If you have any questions please ask: Payment through PayPal (friends or family payment or you pay the fees) Thank you + Planet Eclipse Geo -£100 + P&P (SOLD) (Low battery icon is...
  21. P

    CAD for Geo 3.5 trigger

    Looking for a CAD file of a Geo 3.5 trigger or maybe a custom made trigger that will fit in my geo 3.5 cheers
  22. I Like Gummy Bears


    I've got my Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5 in midnight up for sale. Shoots flawlessly, only selling due to new sponsorship. £480 Included: Eclipse Geo 3.5 Eclipse SHAFT4 Barrel Eclipse Case Eclipse Lube Large Spares Kit Eclipse Manual Both Eclipse Bolts = IV Core Bolt + IV Core Soft Tip Bolt...
  23. ohodgkinson


    For sale is a mint condition Eclipse ETEK 5 in Stretch White + OLED. The marker has been used only a handful of times and has had less than 6K shots through it. I've had this marker from new and selling due to upgrading and it's just sitting around. Still has everything it originally came with...
  24. ohodgkinson

    please delete

    please delete
  25. I Like Gummy Bears


  26. godlyshotgun2k

    PRICE DROP geo 3.1, csl tip, 68 45 and more PRICE DROP

    PRICE DROP having a bit of a gear clear out, looking to shift a few unused bits and bobs. soldplanet eclipse Birmingham disruption geo 3.1 with shaft pro tip, marker comes with everything as new apart form the spares kit as have miss placed it. the marker its self is flawless never skips a...
  27. Mr. Animal

    Geo 3.5 cash waiting

    Hi guys After a geo 3.5 not too fussed on colour really. Must be fully working Want it for mills or cpps. Cash. Not trading. Please let me know what you have. Thanks
  28. S

    Pricing Etha

    What would you guys and girls recommend as a good price for a barely used etha with all the allen keys, spares and lube ? Any ideas are welcome
  29. Elliott Davies

    planet eclipse etha

    £140 all in. Great condition fantastic marker. Never had issues with it. No signs of anno wear. Back part of barrel has small scratch / mark as shown in pic. Some alan keys missing but comes with manual / grease and spares kit
  30. Aracanid

    Etha and Rotor Gen 3

    I've got a Planet Eclipse Etha in red and a black/pink Dye Rotor Gen 3. Both are in great condition and I've not had any issues with either of them. Can take PayPal (buyer pays fees), bank transfer, or you can collect from Glasgow. I work 9-5 during the week but I'll try my best to get it...