1. R

    Paintball mask Aesthetics?

    Is there any specific Paintball mask mods what make the mask & experience better? If so could you explain why, please. Fan? GoPro? Visors? Also, are many of you bothered about the look of your mask? Do you like the mask plain? Would you prefer your mask to look like something? Colour? Style? Shape?
  2. R


    Hi I'm just wondering what a common injury is while paintballing? Is this due lack of mask protection? Neck protection?
  3. R

    What paintball masks are the best on the market and why?

    Hi, I'm a university student studying Product design and am redesigning a paintball mask. I would like to know some positives and negatives about current paintball masks on the market if you can give a reason why they're good that would be extremely helpful Condensation? What changes need to...
  4. ~Solo~

    Skin LOK-SOK. 1.1litre / 68ci Bottle / Tank Protection

    As originally shipped with the Angel Air bottle here are a pair of Lok-Sok 'rubber' bottle ends with a high-grip dimpled pattern. Will happily fit a standard 1.1l / 68ci bottle. A couple of pics below plus one that I had to pinch from the interweb (sorry mods) as I forgot to take a picture of...