1. ~Solo~

    Vintage Pump Marker with 12-gram loader - Can you identify?

    Hi all. Can anyone identify this and is able to put a proper name to it. I've googled 'Jackal Painball Marker' and looked on www.vintagerex.com to no avail. Once I can get a decent description I'll put it up on here for auction if anyone's interested. Ta.
  2. Adam.bbx

    Hammer 7 , pump , project

    looking for a hammer 7 preferably, although would look at anything pump or projects people have made , first strike , pump , bolt anything offers please TIA Adam
  3. Pog49

    Cheap markers

    Hi I'm looking for something that I can use as the base for a project gun I'm building. I'm looking for something cheap and cheery. Ideally I'm looking for something like an inferno or timmy, site workhorse type gun. Working or close enough with a bit of effort is preferable but any scrap also...
  4. R

    WGP Sniper 2

    Hey guys, I think this is in the right thread but I could be wrong. Basically my dad gave me his old WGP Sniper 2 (which hasn't been fired in the past 15 years or so) and I've decided to try and see if it still works. Apart from cleaning and oiling it is there anything else I should do before...