1. Barwell1992

    Dye Proto Maxxed Rize - Moderators Please Delete as has been sold !!

    Hi all, For sale I have a black and grey Dye Proto Maxxed Rize with upgraded dye iron man blade trigger. The marker was purchased at the end of July this year from BZ for £220 and was used for one walk on and last months diamond wars, so has had around 7000 rounds of paint through it without a...
  2. Barwell1992

    Dye Proto Rize - Ironman blade trigger help

    Hi all, Purchased a ironman trigger for my proto Rize maxxed, it’s not listed as fitting but the marker uses the same dye UL frame as the older DM’s and looks to be the same trigger except it’s missing the trigger stop screw. Does anyone have any ingenious ways that means I don’t need to drill...