1. S

    Sale 4 x bt4 markers new

    4 x bt4 combats with hoppers 320 delivered bulk deal great price
  2. S

    Selling some of my collection

    Lots here just ask whatever you like theres also masks tanks parts etc 1000s of items Batterys etc Too many markers Can do like 10 new setups for a field easy
  3. Jos

    Selling kit for a friend - Geo 2.1 / PE Compact gear bag prices

    Hi all, I'm selling my friend's kit which includes a PE Compact gearbag and GEO 2.1 with no modifications or exrtras. As I am interested in getting 1 or both items myself, I figured it'd be good to do a quick check on here and see what you'd be willing to pay if it were on the B/S/T forum...
  4. A

    TCR Selling Advice

    I have a Tippmann TCR which has been sat in a box in the garage for a couple of years. As far as I'm aware it works as it did last time I played. Would anyone be able to suggest what they would sell for second hand? There are no extras, just what came with it at the time, grip, two mags (Short...
  5. Splats

    Perfectly working Etek 3 - Green Camo

    Eclipse Etek 3 used only as back up and works like new. SOLD No scratches. Full kit with original spares, barrel cover, user's guide included. I have a Dye Rotor to throw in if you want. £150 including shipping. pics: 3?sort=3&page=1
  6. whincop

    Kit sale, GSL, Pants, etc

    Hello and welcome to my clear out of my old kit, all items in excellent used condition, always looked after my kit 1, Planet eclipse GSL viper, £800 2, Playing trousers, from left to right, A, Exalt (large) £60 B, Drom (large) £50 C, Planet Eclipse 2014? (large) £50 D,Planet Eclipse 2012...
  7. George Savage

    ETEK 3 LT - for sale! SOLD - PLEASE DELETE

    Hi all, Looking to sell my ETEK 3 LT, great condition and fires like a dream. Comes in it's original case, along with all other extras accept the Allen keys. Gun inside is well maintained and lubed, only detail noticable is a bit of friction on the bolt. As for wear and tear, the only real...
  8. Three Zeroes

    Kit Clear out - Goggles, Retro Gear, Signed Jersey etc.

    As part of moving, I need to cut down on all the equipment I’ve accumulated over the years. All items include postage and fees. Everything is sold as seen. Any questions? Ask away. Splits and offers possible. I work A+E shifts so please bear with me in terms of response and shipping, everything...