1. Balls of Fury

    Shocker SFT Parts Wanted

    Looking for SFT parts, anyone sat on some goodies? Particularly; Virtue/Predator boards Black tool free hyrbid bolt guide Hybrid VA (sft not nxt version) any other interesting sft parts Cheers all
  2. The Original Gimp

    Bursting Macro Hose...

    Hi All, Need some help please. I've a 2003 sft Shocker with original front reg & macro line hose to a CP on/off ASA. It's connected to a Pure Energy Reg & 4.5k 0.7ltr bottle. I pressurised the marker this morning & the macro line hose burst. I've replaced the section of hose but it's burst...
  3. The Original Gimp

    Smart Parts Shocker 2003: Where to get spares please?

    Hi, I've resurrected my 2003 Shocker.... I need a pair of detents & cant find anyone selling online. Come to think of it, I'd like to build up a spares kit for it so if anyone can point me at online retailers I'd be very grateful. Thanks in advance!