1. H

    Planet Eclipse Etha Marker Titan White and Black

    Hello everyone I have two planet eclipse etha markers for sale and would like to know what the going value is for them. They both are in mint condition and have only been fired a couple of times, so I have been told, the titan white does have a very light mark on the barrel (shown in the...
  2. ~Solo~

    Wanted: Dye Solenoid Assembly - DM6-DM14 & PM6/PM7/PM8 (R10200163)

    As per the title, I need a Solenoid for a DM6. Should look like the image below. Unfortunately the last one that I got from preloved via a wanted ad on here gave up the ghost very quickly. Thanks.
  3. D

    WANTED - PMR 2007-2008 SOLENOID

    Have a look at the image, if anyone got one please let me know.
  4. D

    GRAVEYARD - PMR 2008 Solenoid Gasket

    No. The 2009 and so on have a different one, thanks. Small and simple thing, but marker cant be used without it...have a look at the image. If anyone got one let me know please as it is nearly impossible me to find anywhere.
  5. ~Solo~

    Dye DM6 - DM9 or PM6 - PM8 Solenoid

    Anyone got one of these going spare? I need one for my DM6; I understand that the solenoid was used in the DM6-9 and the PM6-8 so these would be compatible. Thanks.