1. N

    Speedball/Airball (Any SupAir near Middlesbrough)

    I have played paintball a dozen times in the past year but it all seems to be woods ball and no speedball /airball i want to play paintball that is closer to playing tournament style paintball however i cant seem to find any near my location i'm from the north east of England and every close...
  2. LordRodders

    Looking to start speedball, need advice/help

    hi all, Complete newbie to this, really liking the speedball game type, I am very competitive so this game mode is perfect for me. Any suggestions on how to start, what’s best marker for beginner, anywhere I can practice speedball, any teams etc? I am based in Middlesbrough (North East)...
  3. T

    Teams near Swindon

    Hi I know it's is probs best to join a team if I want to do sup air. Does anyone know of any feilds or teams around Swindon?
  4. joffrey_baratheon

    speedball arenas

    does anyone know of any sites that have speedball arenas that they use as part of the day? preferably in the midlands. i like the idea of speedball and it gives me something different to do. it's just that i dont want to commit myself to a team and then not want to do it after not very long. so...
  5. M

    Speedball near Manchester?

    Would love to get into speedball, is there any where you would recommend around the Manchester area
  6. M

    Speedball near Manchester?

    So I'm going to be living around Manchester for the next year or so and been thinking about getting into speedball, does anyone know if there is anywhere speedball fields to go around Manchester? Thanks
  7. Matthew Phillips

    Semi experienced player looking for team near Oxford.

    Hey! I graduated last year and had to leave my uni team so I'm in need of a new team! Looking to train and compete where possible. I have a car so willing to travel but not too far! Don't currently have my own tournement marker but I'm working on it.