1. Foord.c

    New player looking for team

    Im recently new to the sport with only a bit of experience due to visiting the Mayhem Big Game earlier in the year. I have my own gear and am looking for a team based near Bishops Stortford/ Harlow for the 2019 season so if anyone has any contacts or knows about any teams based around my area...
  2. D

    Northamptonshire ballers to skirmishcentral rushden?

    Hi everyone, I know there are plenty of paintballers in Northamptonshire, would like to know if anyone is interested to play regurarly at SkirmishCentral - Rushden (Dungee road). They don't have sup'air field but their woodsball fields are well built and maintained. I use to play there once in...
  3. Lewis Keen

    Tournament Paintball

    Hi Guys I'm relatively new to paintball been to a few walk ons, but I am really interested in tournament paintball, I'm from the Worcestershire area. Any ideas on what to do next? Thanks.
  4. danlaws1895

    Brighton teams?

    Relatively new player. Fast and fearless. Looking to play as much paintball as possible.
  5. Matthew Phillips

    Semi experienced player looking for team near Oxford.

    Hey! I graduated last year and had to leave my uni team so I'm in need of a new team! Looking to train and compete where possible. I have a car so willing to travel but not too far! Don't currently have my own tournement marker but I'm working on it.
  6. joffrey_baratheon

    Join my team for fun!

    Right, pretty much every paintball team is one that's sheerly for competition purposes. And yeah that's all fine and good. Alot of people enjoy that but what I want is to have a team of guys and girls that can just go into any Paintball event/weekend/walk on and people will be like "oh god it's...
  7. PoloRolo

    LOOKING: Team For 2016

    Good afternoon fellow paintballers, I will begin simply by saying I'm don't have a team to play for 2016 season and I would really hate to miss a season or continuously ask my friends to get me to play for someone. From that said, I'm looking for a team or TRIALS to join a team. I'm based in...
  8. H

    Paintballers Wanted for Channel Four TV Training Scheme!

    Hello Paintballers, I am new to this forum so apologies if I'm not posting in the correct section etc! Please direct me... I'm a TV Producer from London and working on the Channel Four Investigative Journalism Trainee Scheme. Each year, we have four up and coming filmmakers take part. They’re...
  9. Chin Balls

    Teams in Bristol?

    New to the sport just wondered if there was any teams around Bristol Area and how would you apply to become a member? Thanks