1. Nickster

    Any teams?

    Hello, I am from the west midlands based around herefordshire and was looking for any teams? Have been to various events but all the teams i have come across seem to be over 3 hours away. If anyone can help out that would be great thanks!
  2. T

    Teams near Swindon

    Hi I know it's is probs best to join a team if I want to do sup air. Does anyone know of any feilds or teams around Swindon?
  3. Lewis Keen

    Tournament Paintball

    Hi Guys I'm relatively new to paintball been to a few walk ons, but I am really interested in tournament paintball, I'm from the Worcestershire area. Any ideas on what to do next? Thanks.
  4. Magfed Joker

    Players in Manchester?

    Hi I'm 29 and live in Manchester. Any players close by that can show us around? Help with walk ons? Point us in the right direction? My flatmate and I have magfed markers but always willing to chat with anyone. Thanks
  5. KingAresIV

    Teams in various locations

    Hi, I am just wondering is there a team in Berkshire/Buckinghamshire/West Sussex/Kent that I can get involved with?
  6. S

    Trying (again) to get into the sport

    Hi guys, So, here i am again about two years later, still trying to get into the sport. Now my baby is a bit older and I have moved, I feel like I can give it another try. This but still could do with a little help from those who know ;) My hope is to get into Rec-Ball and/or Woodsball...
  7. joffrey_baratheon

    Join my team for fun!

    Right, pretty much every paintball team is one that's sheerly for competition purposes. And yeah that's all fine and good. Alot of people enjoy that but what I want is to have a team of guys and girls that can just go into any Paintball event/weekend/walk on and people will be like "oh god it's...
  8. A

    Any teams/casual players near Farnborough?

    Hi everyone, I played supair for my Uni about 7-8 years ago but had to stop as I couldn't keep up with the costs. Fortunately I am in a far more stable position now and am really keen to start playing again. Are there any groups near Farnborough who are either doing supair or even just going to...
  9. Adhajm

    if possible please close admin, have now found one

    found a team, all sorted if possible please close admin
  10. Chin Balls

    Teams in Bristol?

    New to the sport just wondered if there was any teams around Bristol Area and how would you apply to become a member? Thanks