1. T

    How to sell

    Hi I recently received a Tippmann paintball gun as an anniversary present but I know I’ll barely use it. It’s unboxed along with 250 paintballs. I need advice on how I can sell it because I live in the uk and there are very restrictive laws about selling them online! I know there is a forum...
  2. H

    Planet Eclipse Etha Marker Titan White and Black

    Hello everyone I have two planet eclipse etha markers for sale and would like to know what the going value is for them. They both are in mint condition and have only been fired a couple of times, so I have been told, the titan white does have a very light mark on the barrel (shown in the...
  3. A

    Barrel Problems

    Hey Guys, I've been having problems with my tippmann A5 barrel. bought it ages ago and haven't used it in the last 3 or 4 years since buying my etha. ...i know, slow progression, I've not had much time or money for anything more high-tech.. it's just a little hobby I enjoy taking part in from...
  4. Jake Burroughs

    Markers / kit

    Hi all, Paintball markers / kit for sale. If my prices are off let me know what you think I would get for them, I'd be willing to let it all go for £250 (including all extras). Tippman x7 phenom with e grip and cyclone feed - £100 ono Tippman Sierra one - £60 ono BT Omega with rip clip /...
  5. Magicash

    Tippmann 98 - Working, broken, parts anything

    Tippmann 98 markers - Working or Broken; (any condition. I don't mind); Hi, I collect Tippmann 98s. I love taking them apart, cleaning them up and fixing them.If anyone has anything they want to sell, get rid of please let me know... If you have upgraded your 98 and don't use the older parts...
  6. Scarfaceone

    Tippmann M16 Upgrade at Delta Force

    OK, so on April 1st 2017 I got a Tippmann M16 Upgrade at Delta Force Hinton-In-The-Hedges for my 20th. It was the day after my 20th but it was still a present, and here's the thing, I still don't know how to work the scope. Because the CO2 Tank was blocking my head. The website says it has an...
  7. mikester

    X7 Phenom, Proto PMR, 68cl tank and other bits for sale

    All sold bar this: Proto tank protector - £5
  8. G

    Red Dot Sights

    Hello all, I am fairly new to paintball and I am looking in to getting a red dot sight for my Tippmann Sierra One. I have a DXS Pulse Loader and I of course have the issue that the sight will not fit/ I wont have clear vision looking through it. There is also the issue of the mask not allowing a...
  9. Q

    Misc Stuff Wanted: Tippmann 98/A5 Parts, JT Mask Parts, Exalt Mask Cases, etc

    Hey all, Still trying to get some stuff before I start again this summer, here is a list: Exalt mask case x2 Air Tanks x2 (various sizes, prefer newer with long expiry) Dye tank cover blue x1 APEX2 Barrel for A5 or 98 x2 JT Vortex Fan x2 (either 1 or 2 model) Tippmann A5 egrip x1 Tippmann...
  10. C

    Tippmann98 not shooting over 230FPS.

    i have a tippmann 98 , and i have had it for over 8 years now . i hadn't used it in a long time , but i always kept it lubed and serviced . i took it out the other week for a game , and it couldn't get over 230 FPS. no matter what i tired . im shooting with HPA . i was wondering if maybe i...
  11. 401kill

    Tippmann TPX O-ring

    Hello One of my friends has a TPX which has blown an O-ring and so is leaking CO2. As far as I can tell, it is a TA20050 o-ring which seems to be a custom Tippmann size? Is there anywhere in the UK that I can order a replacement from without having to buy a full Tippmann kit? Cheers Ben...