1. Magfed Joker

    MagFed players attending North vs South Saturday 6th May 2017?

    I've seen the two magfed scenarios advertised for north v south. Has anyone been before? Is anyone going? They look pretty sweet... Mission 1 is convoy and Mission 2 is waterborne. Also which pieces of kit are players taking?
  2. Lewis Keen

    Tournament costs

    I'm new but want to play tournaments, any idea how much this costs?
  3. Lewis Keen

    Good Tourney Starter Marker

    Hi wanting to get into tournaments but not sure what's a good place to start when looking at markers for tournaments. Any ideas?
  4. Lewis Keen

    Tournament Paintball

    Hi Guys I'm relatively new to paintball been to a few walk ons, but I am really interested in tournament paintball, I'm from the Worcestershire area. Any ideas on what to do next? Thanks.
  5. Matthew Phillips

    Semi experienced player looking for team near Oxford.

    Hey! I graduated last year and had to leave my uni team so I'm in need of a new team! Looking to train and compete where possible. I have a car so willing to travel but not too far! Don't currently have my own tournement marker but I'm working on it.