1. L

    What to practice if you can't get to a field.

    I play speedball with Apocalyse uprising at cpps, but we dont have a field local to us that means its not a hassle to get to. We do practice the layout once for a day prior to each round but inbetween then what kind of things should we be doing to be more competitive. We have out local...
  2. L

    Atom6 balls

    So while browsing the net I came across Atom6 balls indigogo page. I know they have a post on pbnation but nothing here so thought id pop a post mentioning them. They look like a great alternative to reballs. No impact damage by the looks of it which makes them great for indoor use. They do...
  3. Adhajm

    if possible please close admin, have now found one

    found a team, all sorted if possible please close admin