1. Barwell1992

    Dye Proto Rize - Ironman blade trigger help

    Hi all, Purchased a ironman trigger for my proto Rize maxxed, it’s not listed as fitting but the marker uses the same dye UL frame as the older DM’s and looks to be the same trigger except it’s missing the trigger stop screw. Does anyone have any ingenious ways that means I don’t need to drill...
  2. P

    CAD for Geo 3.5 trigger

    Looking for a CAD file of a Geo 3.5 trigger or maybe a custom made trigger that will fit in my geo 3.5 cheers
  3. Adhajm

    etek 5 violent series trigger, HK army 2.0, spire black lid laysick pack

    Planet eclipse lv1/geo 3.1 etc.. Grip pieces the reg/gel and main handle are in black (used but good condition) a white lv1 top reg piece is brand new. The blue OLED piece is used but okay condition. SOLD HK army ball beaker 2.0 this is brand new without the tag as i was sent the wrong colour...