1. D

    Valken Agility Pants and Pod Pack

    Valken Agility Pants Jogger Style, Size Medium - £60 Valken Agility Harness - £30 Price does not include paypal fees or postage. Items will be sent tracked
  2. roy2k14

    Kit sale

    Postage/pp fees are not included in the price below. Open to offers. 1. GI pack 4+5 camo pack £25 2. Vforce grillz black, with clear and HDR lens, peak and extra strap. HDR have a few scratches and the strap loop on the right side ear is ripped but doesnt affect performance. £40 3. Virtue spire...
  3. Mafney

    Wanted: Black Empire or Dye Playing Pants / Trousers - Size Small, to fit 32" Waist.

    As title, I am after a pair of black playing pants in a size small, or to fit 32" waist. I would also accept dark grey or something like that, just don't want anything too brightly coloured, and call me fussy but would ideally like them to be either Empire or Dye so it matches with the rest of...