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  2. danlaws1895

    Vanquish 2.0 Grey/Black - £375 Delivered

    Grey and black vanquish 2.0 for sale with a genuine shot count around 20,000 shots. The marker is in brilliant condition and looks like it's been used maybe once. Just maintenanced and cleaned from top to bottom, then test fired and it shoots great. Comes with Barrel kit, extra bolt and spare...
  3. danlaws1895

    Vanquish 2.0 Spring

    Hi there, just bought a Vanquish 2.0 from someone off the forum. It didn't come with the spring inside the bolt. Is this needed for the gun to work properly? Thanks
  4. danlaws1895

    Looking for a Vanquish 2.0

    Hi, Just looking for a Vanquish 2.0 and I don't care about the colour. Looking to pay £300 - £400