walk on

  1. Shay

    Looking for a walk-on team to join down south

    Getting back into the game, would like some advice on some teams that are involved in walk-ons down south... my local paintball place is Ambush paintball! Thanks in advance
  2. Lewis Keen

    Walk on?

    Anyone know if there’s a walk on anywhere next weekend? Wanna get playing.
  3. Lewis Keen

    Walk ons

    Hi can anyone tell me of any regular walk on sites in the midlands that are relatively cheap.
  4. MechMasters

    Looking for a site to run my next Walkon S/SE

    Hi all, I have recently ran out first Walkon at Driver Wood Paintball and the site and facilities were amazing and we will definitely use it again. I would also like to have a few more sites for us to play at. So if you are all site owner and would like a hassle free event to boost your...
  5. MechMasters

    Mechanical Masters : Walkon 14/0/2017 (Robbo Approved now)

    So this has been floating about and taken down many times in the last few days but hopefully now it will stay. Mechanical Masters is here to give you something different. What's different? There are a few things that make this the next step in your many years of enjoying the sport and here are...
  6. N

    Newbie looking for walk ons

    hi, me and some mates have just recently bought some gear and are now looking for places that do walk ons to test it out, north east england from middlesbrough thanks in advance
  7. Lewis Keen

    Combat Splat

    anyone know when combat splat have their walk ons?
  8. Lewis Keen

    Tournament Paintball

    Hi Guys I'm relatively new to paintball been to a few walk ons, but I am really interested in tournament paintball, I'm from the Worcestershire area. Any ideas on what to do next? Thanks.
  9. Magfed Joker

    Players in Manchester?

    Hi I'm 29 and live in Manchester. Any players close by that can show us around? Help with walk ons? Point us in the right direction? My flatmate and I have magfed markers but always willing to chat with anyone. Thanks
  10. Mark Vickery

    Monday 2nd of May Paintballing?

    Does anyone know if there are any games running for walk-ons etc on Monday 2nd May? I may need a further fix... Within an hours drive of London... or the Midlands as I will be driving back from North vs South...
  11. Chin Balls

    Air Tank refill Sheffield / Bristol?

    Morning! I've recently purchased a new Empire Axe. I haven't played in years and i'm keen to get started again. I would really like to test the gun out before I head over to my first walk on next weekend at YPC near York. Does anyone know of any where I can fill my Air tank before the...