1. N


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  2. Luke Dreelan

    Cheap 4+ Pack

    Hi guys i am after a decent but cheap 4+any pack and 4 standard pods i have about £20 (give or take) to spend all in hope this isn't too much of a long shot. thanks Luke
  3. Titchgamer

    Wanted: 98 threaded barrels

    Hi guys, I am after a barrel for my new TMC. Looking for something like a Lapco or something similar with a Tactical styleing. Under £30 posted let me know what you got. Thanks :)
  4. R

    WANTED Empire Axe Pro

    Hey, I'm looking for an Empire Axe Pro in the region of £250. I'm located in the north east so I'd prefer to collect if in the region although I'd be willing to pay for delivery if you have a good amount of feedback.
  5. Lewis Keen

    Looking For Gtek or Etha 2

    Im looking for a Planrt eclipse Gtek or Planet Eclipse Etha 2
  6. Sam Barnes

    Hi there from the north west

    hey I'm new to all this realy, I've always done the odd bit on the side but looking to maybe pursue it a little more, and with the amount of sites near me it be rude not to, we for the winter months at least while I have most weekends free, I'm in the Preston area, I'm going to do a few walk...
  7. Mr. Animal

    Geo 3.5 cash waiting

    Hi guys After a geo 3.5 not too fussed on colour really. Must be fully working Want it for mills or cpps. Cash. Not trading. Please let me know what you have. Thanks
  8. garethm566

    post in

    hi what it is I'm getting back into paintball and am looking to get a piece of kit that's not easy to find second hand but cant put a post up in the wanted forum something about not enough privileges whatever that means, any info would be appreciated
  9. Jos

    HP Bottle/Tank 68/4500 pi incl Reg

    Hi guys, looking for a nice HP bottle including the regulator. Im in The Netherlands so please only offer if you can ship to the NL. Can pay with Paypal. Not looking for fancy fuel or safer bottles, I'll just work out a bit more and not notice the difference in weight :)
  10. Adhajm

    freak kit wanted

    does anyone have a freak kit or boremaster for sale? cheers
  11. Adhajm

    wanted, a spire or HK Army loaders

    really want one of these can pay asap, colour preference I'm not too fussed so if you have one for sale please let me know (Y)