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05 SFT Shocker with All American barrel


May 31, 2013

I have been hanging on to this for a few years for no reason other than forgetting I had it
I haven't done any paintballing in years so as far as I am aware this still works however I seem to recall a slight air hiss which I believe is caused by the macroline fitting but I am not 100% sure. Could just need a bit of TLC, but to be completely honest I just need this out of my life so I can move on so sadly won't take returns (I also have no means of testing it). For this reason I would probably suggest having an idea of how to repair in the event of any problems.
The marker has only been used on one occasion whilst in my posession and seems in very condition!

I'll do it for £150 posted
I would really like to see someone get some use out of this! :)