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1/8th nitro buggys, Hyper 7 and Tunder tiger job lot going cheap


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First is the hyper 7 black, fitted with a .21 3 port engine,its in full working order and has only been run a hand full of times and its condition shows this,there are a few scraps and scuffs here and there but only what you would expect on a used buggy of this type
The engine has lost a couple of fins (see photos) from the cooling head but this has not effected it and still runs fine, the head can be replaced for around £10, on flee bay
all servos and RX work fine and have been tested as i had the car out today to make sure all was ok,Its been run on 25% nitro fuel and there is some left in the tin that i will throw in,oh the battery cover is missing from the transmitter but tape works fine, its around here somewhere and if found will be added or posted on at later date :)
There is almost a complete secound hyper 7 TQ in bits for spares,including servos
The second buggy is a Thunder Tiger EB4 s2 that is in spare or repair condition,from what i can remember the engine is fine just needs new pull start or be started on a starter box,engine need refitting,the front shocks need remounting, and radio gear fitting, i think thats about it, but as i say this one is sold as spare or repair,

there is also a glow start and charger these are only 3 weeks old, spare wheels 2 sets the white rim tyres are very worn the black rims have some wear,

£160 the lot OVNO sold

Due to size i'm going to have to say collection only

Thanks for looking
now the photo's

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Mar 2, 2008
I got rid of all mine a couple of years ago mate, they are bloddy good fun though :)


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Jan 15, 2007
bramley leeds 13 west yorkshire.
hi mate which 1s the best fully working ? as ive got a thunder tiger 4x4 18 scale for my lad already but complains to me that i should get 1 so we can race together ? got all the glowplug and electric starters pack with my sons so just need another car whats best u do ? or are u willing to trade or is it cash u just requirer thanxs andy


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hi andy, the Hyper 7 is ready to go and a quick car mate,(white/black shell) Need cash to be honest mate cos my motorbikes of the road and need get it sorted so the it was the buggys or my as new Ego 09, However it all on ebay now but happy to end it for 150+p&p cost this lot going cost a few quid to post but collection welcome,it all end in 18hours and its already at £72 so let me know mate