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Don't run, you'll only die tired....
May 19, 2004
Northern Ireland
After a bit of convincing/coersion I got the following response from this all round good guy :)

"Go on then :)"

1) Name - John

2) Age - 44

3) Where do you live? - Essex

4) What do you shoot? - For tournaments a Shocker RSX and Empire Axe Pro, for everything else I cycle through a range of older/fun markers - .68 Automag, Evo Cocker, Resurrection Cocker, GoG eNMEy plus a couple of others.

5) What's your occupation? - IT Architect

6) When/how did you first get into paintball? - First played in 1992. A friend who worked for B&Q was arranging a work do and somehow I managed to get on the invite list. After that I arranged a couple of punter days at Mayhem Abridge and while there we ran into a friend of a friend who played for a team and joined up.

7) What was your first marker? - A Tippmann Pro/AM - it was awful

8) How often do you use p8ntballer? - usually check the forum daily.

9) What first brought you to p8ntballer? - PGi.

10) What keeps you here? - The classifieds are a big draw, as are some of the more controversial discussion topics that don't get aired elsewhere, such as Shoreline-gate. Oh and the members and mods are alright too!

11) Have you met many people from the forum? - There are lots that I regularly bump into at events (H, EELZ, I used to be good honest, Irons69, Niallist all spring to mind, probably lots of others) and others that I'm friends with outside of paintball (phil-boy, Wingnut).

12) What is your dream gun setup? - I have lots of markers I'd like to own, mainly older stuff - SFL E-Mag, X-Mag, Evo-X cocker, that kind of thing. Ideally I'd like one of every marker ever made.

13) What is the worst gun you've ever owned? - Tippmann Pro/AM or Daystate SAM Patriot, both utter gash.

14) What's your favourite p8ntballer thread or post? - Opus finale - those nails needed hammering in.

15) If p8ntballer was yours for a day what would you change? - The font to comic sans

16) Explain your username? - Quakeworld gaming handle and old work nickname from the days when I was elbow deep in PC components most days.

17) Tourney, magfed or woods/scenario? - Any and all, although I've fallen out of love with magfed as it leans too heavily towards milsim and First Strike suck hairy balls. A missed opportunity to provide low cost play for the masses.

18) Who are your two favourite mods? - Dusty and cook$

19) Who is your dream p8ntballer karaoke partner and what is the song? - I don't do karaoke, sorry, it's for the best.

20) You're in the final of who wants to be a millionaire. Who on p8ntballer is your phone a friend? - My dad, who is the cleverest person I know. Unless the topic is dinosaurs or marvel superheroes, in which case it would be my son.

21) Take this opportunity to clear up one misconception about yourself? - I'm not Wingnut's son (as queried by someone at Valken, despite me being older than him, trollololol)

22) You've been asked into the big brother house and you can take five forum members. Who and why? - I wouldn't inflict it on anyone and would rather hammer nails through my knees than be on BB.

23) You have the chance for dinner with any 3 people living or dead. Who and why? - 1970s Carrie Fisher, 1980s Kate Bush, 1990s Meg Ryan. Because hotness.

24) What is your favourite film and song? - The Blues Brothers and A-ha - Scoundrel Days (yes, really), but there are probably 20 of each that sit at the same tier of awesomeness.

25) Tell us one interesting and one boring fact about yourself. - I'm not interesting in any way. I dislike fish.

26) If you could give one bit of advice to people, what would it be? - the best bit of home decoration advice I've had, from my granddad - "paint isn't filler"

27) You're invisible for a day. What do you get up to? - Almost undoubtedly something pervy.

28) If you could be any celebrity for a day who would it be? - Tom Hanks

29) What's your most embarassing moment? - my life is one endless series of embarrassments, although mentioning that someone had a 'withered arm' just as the lift doors opened revealing said person has to rank up there.

30) What is your proudest or most memorable moment in life? - Birth of my son

31) what is your worst habit? - sarcasm

32) Name your best paintballing experience? - There are thousands of brief moments, both on and off the pitch, rather than one single event - although I did pull off a 5 pack run through at the Southern Masters back in 2007/2008 which was pretty darn amazing.

33) What's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you? - A tie between birth of my son and spinning my car at speed on a steep, wet hill.

34) You're on death row, what's your last meal? - a collossal OD of smack to beat them to the punch.

35) First thing you'd do if you won the lotto? - retire

36) Tell us a joke :) - two nuns in the bath, one says 'where's the soap' the other replies 'yes, it does, doesn't it'.

37) What's your porn star name? (name of your first pet and your mother's maiden name) - Scruffy Corbell


UK Redskins
May 6, 2004
Essex, UK
Just want to add that you cant count !!!

Your not 44...........................................................................................................................................................................YET !!! ;)