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15 minutes with : Piper


Don't run, you'll only die tired....
May 19, 2004
Northern Ireland
Andy was nominated and good enough to reply so here ya go, an insight into a legend. He says.


1) Name
Andy Piper or Piper or Pipes

2) Age
43 (don't look it do I?)

3) Where do you live?
Machen South Wales

4) What do you shoot?
Sandbaggers Ego....... I think

5) What's your occupation?
Area Manager for Kimberly Clark

6) When/how did you first get into paintball?
Works do back in 1993 at an indoor site at Angel in London

7) What was your first marker?
Daystate Patriot

8) How often do you use p8ntballer?
once a month maybe

9) What first brought you to p8ntballer?
When Duffy was editor of PGI he told me I had to go there so I did :)

10) What keeps you here?

11) Have you met many people from the forum?
quite a few over the years..... got drunk with a few of them :)

12) What is your dream gun setup?
I would say I have it now

13) What is the worst gun you've ever owned?
Daystate Patriot...... don't think I ever got a full day from it! Was definatley a Monday morning gun!

14) What's your favourite p8ntballer thread or post?
Anything by TJ Lambini that guy was a legend!

15) If p8ntballer was yours for a day what would you change?
Would take away for the for sale threads and turn it back to conversation type threads. I like a good debate

16) Explain your username?
well my surname is Piper and my screen name is Piper...... DO you really need me to explain it? Surely you can work it out :)

17) Tourney, magfed or woods/scenario?
Tourney then woods

18) Who are your two favourite mods?
Glen Stone and Buddha as he is my homie

19) Who is your dream p8ntballer karaoke partner and what is the song?
Glen Stone song...... Frigging in the rigging by the sex pistols

20) You're in the final of who wants to be a millionaire. Who on p8ntballer is your phone a friend?
JJ because he knows some proper random shi!t

21) Take this opportunity to clear up one misconception about yourself?
I did not invent shooting from the hip that was Todd Adamson

22) You've been asked into the big brother hows and you can take five forum members. Who and why?
Ledz, Glen Stone, JJ, Cook$, Jay, would be a riot!

23) You have the chance for dinner with any 3 people living or dead. Who and why?
Bradley Wiggins, Prince Harry, Keith Lemon...... Once the booze flowed think of how much fun it would be! Can you make that happen now?

24)What is your favourite film and song?
Film Ironman (it's real life), Thunderstruck AC/DC (must be the live version)

25) Tell us one interesting and one boring fact about yourself.
I am a level one cycling coach and going for my level 2 later this year........ Boring fact...... nothing about me is boring how rude!

26) If you could give one bit of advice to people, what would it be?
Life everyday as your last....... because one day it will be!

27) You're invisible for a day. What do you get up to?
Follow Jeson Button around I have a man crush deal with it!

28) If you could be any celebrity for a day who would it be?
Bradley Wiggins the man is a legend!

29) What's your most embarassing moment?
mmmmmm not sure on that it would involve drink but one does not spring to mind. I am sure JJ could remind me :)

30) What is your proudest or most memorable moment in life?
Marry my wife still makes me smile whenever I think about it! I batted way out my league!

31) what is your worst habit?
my speeling is crip!

32) Name your best paintballing experience?
Any event I played for the Sharks!

33) What's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you?
Roomed with Ledz once!

34) You're on death row, what's your last meal?

35) First thing you'd do if you won the lotto?
Buy and Audi R8

36) Tell us a joke Not sure I know a clean one......... why are pubic hairs curly?
If they weren't they would poke your eyes out!

37) What's your porn star name? (name of your first pet and your mother's maiden name)
Sherry Piper

There you go pal if I have to nominate I say:
Glen Stone
Pipes out