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15 minutes with : Silky Johnson


Don't run, you'll only die tired....
May 19, 2004
Northern Ireland
Our resident name changer has spoken :)

1) Name

Jonathan, My mother-in-law can't pronounce it and calls me "Johnson". Hence, "Silky Johnson".

2) Age


3) Where do you live?


4) What do you shoot?

LV1 & Geo 3.1

5) What's your occupation?

Professional Layabout

6) When/how did you first get into paintball?

The Challenge, an indoor site in Reddish, Summer 1990. Quite a lot of old school players, including most of Banzai, played here.

7) What was your first marker?

Black Widow Deluxe.

8) How often do you use p8ntballer?

At least once a day.

9) What first brought you to p8ntballer?

I wanted to buy stuff.

10) What keeps you here?

Buying stuff.

11) Have you met many people from the forum?

Yes - I've made some good friends.

12) What is your dream gun setup?

A CS1 for £350. If I wait long enough, it will happen.

13) What is the worst gun you've ever owned?

Level 6 Automag. Terrible.

14) What's your favourite p8ntballer thread or post?

All the ancient ones that speed posters dig up. How do they find them?

15) If p8ntballer was yours for a day what would you change?

Anyone who speed posts just to increase their post count (for classified access) would be banned.

16) Explain your username?

See above.

17) Tourney, magfed or woods/scenario?

I've played and still play everything but magfed.

18) Who are your two favourite mods?

Cook$ & Dusty.

19) Who is your dream p8ntballer karaoke partner and what is the song?

Sid Sidgwick, Pony by Ginuwine.

20) You're in the final of who wants to be a millionaire. Who on p8ntballer is your phone a friend?


21) Take this opportunity to clear up one misconception about yourself?

I'm not a c*nt all the time.

22) You've been asked into the big brother hows and you can take five forum members. Who and why?

Easy. Five speed posters - they'd be voted out in no time.

23) You have the chance for dinner with any 3 people living or dead. Who and why?

The girl I liked at school, the girl I liked at college and the girl I liked at work. All seperately, of course.

24)What is your favourite film and song?

Film - Blade Runner. Song - Come And Get Your Love by Redbone.

25) Tell us one interesting and one boring fact about yourself.

I eat a lot of sugar and I know a lot about military history. Like a cross between Jeff Goldblum in The Fly and Mark in Peep Show.

26) If you could give one bit of advice to people, what would it be?

Buy an Eclipse gun. It will work.

27) You're invisible for a day. What do you get up to?

Easy. Steal some TV's & hi-fi stuff during the day, then spend the night in the Ladies toilets in a nightclub.

28) If you could be any celebrity for a day who would it be?

I can't think of any celebrity I'd like to be - they're all twattish.

29) What's your most embarassing moment?

A really old guy once threw up over me in a crowded pub.

30) What is your proudest or most memorable moment in life?

My son.

31) what is your worst habit?

Biting my nails.

32) Name your best paintballing experience?

DMW. I have no equal.

33) What's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you?

Being washed over the sea wall in Scarborough when I was 6, during a storm that was like "The Perfect Storm".

34) You're on death row, what's your last meal?

Steak & chips, lemon cheescake.

35) First thing you'd do if you won the lotto?

Give equal shares to my family, buy a house in Florida and a house in Spain, spend a ton of money on paintball and go to all the NXL events. Then waste the rest.

36) Tell us a joke

A guy crawls into a pub with a girl sat on his back.

The landlord asks "Who's that?"

The guy replies "Michelle".

37) What's your porn star name? (name of your first pet and your mother's maiden name)

Sindy Bush.

Thanks Jonathan!!!