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1of1 CS1 + Freak Kit *price reduction!!*


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May 7, 2011
Bournemouth, UK
Seriously special treat for you boys and girls today. Prices are 'all in' with fees and postage. Will listen to sensible offers but am in absolutely no rush to sell! Should also mention that I work full time in central london with a slog of a commute so will not be able to provide Amazon levels of delivery speed... I'll always keep you in the loop. Collection at London Mills is also an option.

CS1 custom anno'd in royal purple and gold with 2 shaft 4 backs and a full colour coded freak kit. Sexy or what? If you look good, you play good... maintained and services at every CPPS event and has the most up to date internals. Shoots ridiculously smooth. £750 - will also throw in the Valken ball sizer for good measure (literally).

Spire 260 - Graphic Purple with gold colour kit and gold speed feed (the proper job spring finger). Also has the spring ramp installed. If asking price is met I'll throw in the case. £SOLD

Fuel tank with Ninja Pro V2 reg. Born June 2016 so doesn't need testing until 2021... ridiculously light tank and if I get asking price I'll include the cover and case. £SOLD

G.I 1.1 Tank - Born December 2013 so will need a test in December 2018. Great condition, works a charm. £75

Dye Rotor - Works perfectly, black with white speed feed. Has shark fin so I think that's V2? £60

Dye NT11 - Strangely won't turn on. It worked absolutely phenomenally last season and was my regular walk on. After sitting in a cupboard for a few months it now won't turn on. Tried a couple of batteries but none of them were fresh. Likely dead simple and I'm even simpler. SOLD

Dye UL Pants - Blue - Small - £20 - Sold Pending

Planet Jersey - Green and Purple - XL - £20 (worn once at most.. don't even think it has ever been shot!)

Virtue Jersey - Black - XL - Awesome jersey, I absolutely love it. Barely seen a field. £30

Bunkerkings 4+7 pack - strapless and awesome - purple and lime - £SOLD

G.I Pants - Large - Black - £20 - Sold pending

JT Fastpack - £10

Purple G.I Jersey - XL - Purple/Black - Sold
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Sandana whore!
Aug 12, 2011
Dorset, England
Condition is good but a little bit of yellow staining on the stitching only (and inside white bits but not visible on the outside). Just the expected with a top designed to be shot at.
Oops, forgot the price! £17.50
Paint staining doesn't bother me, I'll take it bud. Pm me your PayPal details please